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London Terror Mystery
What did Bibi know –
and when did he know it?

What's Behind the London Attacks?
The bombing of the London Underground was a false-flag operation designed to keep the West mired in war. Don't believe otherwise.

London has bombed itself before

Rise of The G8 New World Order
The attacks conform to a pattern of civilian-directed psychological operations, of which the Bali and Madrid bombings were a precedent. A claim of responsibility from a previously unknown Al-Qaida group provided an immediate scapegoat. Telephone networks in London may have been disabled to increase the psychological effect.

Can the UN Really be Reformed? by Ron Paul
Mark my words, in five years nobody will be talking about UN reform and our dues payments will be higher than ever?

Wash Post desperately trying to ignore liberty-minded bloggers
In UnderReported.com's "media trying to [fill in the blank] blogs" series, we've seen the traditional media first ignore, then attempt to scare blogs. Now today the Washington Post is embracing blogs -- but only those that identify themselves as liberal or conservative. The Post not only is ignoring liberty-minded blogs in today's article (that ran on the front page of the Style section), it mischaracterizes the blogosphere as implying they don't even exist.

The G8 Summit: A Fraud and a Circus
The front page of the London Observer on 12 June announced, "55 billion Africa debt deal 'a victory for millions'." The "victory for millions" is a quotation of Bob Geldof, who said, "Tomorrow 280 million Africans will wake up for the first time in their lives without owing you or me a penny...". The nonsense of this would be breathtaking if the reader's breath had not already been extracted by the unrelenting sophistry of Geldof, Bono, Blair, the Observer et al.

Unknown group says Qaeda carried out London attacks
The "Secret Group of al Qaeda's Jihad in Europe" said in a Web site posting that it was behind the explosions.

London: Terror, False Flag, or Precursor Event?
We're watching the "pile on" press spread terror fears which really plays into the hands of whoever was behind today's attacks.

Explosions In London - Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned, Cover-up In Progress
"The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit."

Bush Insider Claim WTC Collapse Bogus Gets 'Huge Response' And Read By Millions Worldwide
Two weeks ago, the former chief economist in the Labor Department during President Bush’s first term told the world he thought the WTC fell from a controlled demolition, indicating 9/11 was "an inside government job."

A former Bush team member during his first administration is now voicing serious doubts about the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11
"It is hard to exaggerate the importance of a scientific debate over the cause of the collapse of the twin towers and building 7. If the official wisdom on the collapses is wrong, as I believe it is, then policy based on such erroneous engineering analysis is not likely to be correct either. The government's collapse theory is highly vulnerable on its own terms. Only professional demolition appears to account for the full range of facts associated with the collapse of the three buildings."

Eye Witness Hears Explosions at WTC; Scientific Group SPINE Provides Sophisticated Analysis
Most people admit, 9/11 is the 'mother of all stories.' Now from all corners of the globe, conservatives and liberals are mounting a growing campaign to alert the public that the WTC was leveled by a controlled demolition not burning jet fuel like the government contends?

Morgan Reynolds: Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse?
If we put the murder of 2,749 innocent victims momentarily aside, the only unusual technical feature of the collapses of the twin towers was that the explosions began at the top, immediately followed by explosions from below. WTC-7, by contrast, was entirely conventional, imploding from bottom up.

Need a washing machine? Buy it from an American company....buy a Maytag! Better hurry, though, because it looks like Maytag is about to be bought out by China's Haier Group
Buy American! (While You Still Can)

Chinese snap up brand-name U.S. firms
By 2025, Chinese investors could own two-dozen of the Fortune 500 companies

237 Documented Administration Lies to Public, Congress, About Iraq 'Threat,' bin Laden Ties
237 Administration Lies.

Our currency and our economy are held hostage by Asia
The hardest blow on Americans will fall when China does revalue its currency. When China’s currency ceases to be undervalued, American shoppers in Wal-Mart, where 70 percent of the goods on the shelves are made in China, will think they are in Neiman Marcus. Price increases will cause a dramatic reduction in American real incomes. If this coincides with rising interest rates and a setback in the housing market, American consumers will experience the hardest times since the Great Depression.

Three reasons Washington’s empire-builders don’t have to worry about ’60s-style dissent—not including the volunteer Army
How They Get Away With It.

The Futility of Throwing Money
Why does poverty exist even in the richest nations?

Judicial Watch Investigation Uncovers FBI Documents Concerning Bin Laden Family and Post-9/11 Flights.

Summertime Reading by Ralph Nader
Ah, summertime reading. Set aside the e-mails, close down the computer and pick up some good books. Here are some worthy suggestions ala non-fiction.

Database of 11 million job applicants' honesty/psych tests
Even before the candidates had stepped through the door for the group interview, their fate had been largely determined by a computer. They had taken a 50-minute online test that asked them to rate to what degree they agreed or disagreed with statements such as, "It's maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free," "You don't worry about making a good impression" and "You could describe yourself as 'tidy'."

Monday, July 04, 2005

Declaration of Independence 

Bush administration annexes internet
In a worrying U-turn, the US Department of Commerce (DoC) has made it clear it intends to retain control of the internet's root servers indefinitely. It was due to relinquish that control in September 2006, when its contract with overseeing body ICANN ended.

Source Confirms Karl Rove as Plame Leaker
"I revealed in yesterday's taping of the McLaughlin Group that Time magazine's e-mails will reveal that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source. I have known this for months but didn't want to say it at a time that would risk me getting dragged into the grand jury.

China-Russia statement on new world order
Setting forth their common stand on major international issues, such as UN reforms, globalization, North-South cooperation, and world economy and trade.

For the gifts, or for the people? Live 8 Philly performers get freebies
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that celebrities at the event will be given designer suits, satellite radio subscriptions, Gibson guitars, $125 ties, $330 sweat suits and watches worth between $1,500 and $6,000. Total worth: $12,000.


US Border Agents Under Siege at the Mexican Border
Two U.S. Border Patrol agents were shot with high-powered firearms just north of the Mexican border Thursday afternoon-The Tucson Sector recorded 195 assaults including rock throwing, vehicle attacks and shootings against agents since Oct. 1, the start of the federal fiscal year.

US Codex delegation poised to betray the will of the American people
Codex is a joint venture between the United Nation's World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization. (WHO/FAO) The World Trade Organization (WTO) has already stated that it will enforce Codex "guidelines" as the world standard for trade in dietary supplements. This will mean that gradually, pill-by-pill, our access to the dietary supplements we depend on will disappear.
Codex News.

Russia and the United States have agreed to make two to four flights per year over each other’s military objects and regions of military training
Open Skies is one of the most wide-ranging international efforts to date to promote openness and transparency of military forces and activities.

Military Fatalities: By Time Period

According to a March 2003 publication of Fields of View -- put out by FLIR Systems, which sells the surveillance equipment -- FLIR can be used in fixed wing planes just like the ones flying over Lodi. Using it, a plane flies in left-hand circles over the area under surveillance, using thermal imaging to track people
Mystery planes continue to circle over Lodi.
FBI spy planes patrol U.S.

Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain Ruling Emboldens City Governments
The center's owners say it reminds them of the communism they left behind.

RATner: An honest discussion will put the public price tag at $1 billion or more, not $100 million (a token down payment referenced by the Manhattan news media)

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