Saturday, April 30, 2005

Democracy in the bU.S.h = A Bunch of Lies Wrapped Up in a Flag 

Lack of Democracy in the U.S. by Ralph Nader
In spreading democracy throughout the world, brazen hypocrisy prevails for Bush-Cheney.

Venezuelan President Says He Will Not Return to U.S. Until Americans "liberate" Their Nation
Declaring that U.S. citizens are oppressed by their own government, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised Friday that he would not visit the United States again until Americans "liberate" their nation.

U.S. - Pepper Spray Trial Jury Agrees Excessive Force Used by Officers Against Protesters
A federal court jury in San Francisco yesterday found that Humboldt County and city of Eureka law-enforcement officers used excessive force on nonviolent protesters in 1997 when they swabbed them in the eye areas with pepper spray.

A Private Obsession by Paul Krugman
American health care is unique among advanced countries in its heavy reliance on the private sector. It's also uniquely inefficient. We spend far more per person on health care than any other country, yet many Americans lack health insurance and don't receive essential care.

A Society That Throws the Sick Away by Barbara Ehrenreich
Most countries are proud to have a healthcare system.

Occidental Posts Record Profit as Oil Prices Rise.
Exxon reports record earnings from record oil, petrol prices.
BP strikes record profit and forecasts oil to stay firm.
Shell profit at £1.6m an hour.
Reliance's Q4 profit jumps 62 percent.
Superior Energy earnings rise sharply.
Unocal Net Income Soars 69 Percent on Oil Prices.

China creating office to safeguard `energy security'?
China has created a powerful new agency to oversee the country's energy security amid booming demand for power and surging oil imports, an official at the country's main planning agency said Thursday.

James Guckert - White House Access FOIA
White House Access FOIA.

Offshoring is "Psychologically Disturbing" By Jim Hightower
One of the worst aspects of the global corporate culture is that it routinely pits one group of workers against another in the corporate pursuit of dirt-cheap labor.

Iraq: The Trail of Disinformation
Let's start with a simple fact. The United States invaded and conquered Iraq on the basis of lies. Even the official report of the United States Senate admits as much.

The Israeli origins of Bush II's war
While the neoconservatives were the driving force behind the American invasion of Iraq and the consequent efforts to bring about regime change throughout the Middle East, the idea for such a war did not originate with American neocon thinkers but rather in Israel.

A Story from Occupied Palestine: A moment that changed my life
I am an occasional Portland resident who has just spent some time in occupied Palestine. There are many many stories there. This is one of them, the story of my friend Saed in Beit Sahour, Palestine.

Putin to Help With Palestinian Security
Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Friday to provide the new Palestinian leaders with helicopters and other equipment and training to help maintain order after Israel's promised withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank this summer.

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