Saturday, April 23, 2005

DRAFT. Today the NFL - Tomorrow the SSS 

In a visit to the United States two weeks ago, I was told by several well-informed observers that should one of the more severe scenarios come to pass, the United States will have no choice but to deepen its presence in the Middle East. To that end, it will have to renew the draft, to ensure that there are enough forces to deal with developing situations in countries like Saudi Arabia.
The coming Pax Americana
By Efraim Halevy.


Selective Service

At the end of last month, the U.S. Selective Service System issued a report assuring President George W. Bush that it would be ready to implement a draft within 75 days
An Army of the Unwilling.

Will there be a draft?
As military recruiting stumbles and needs grow, some say draft may be impossible to ignore.

Denouncing the draft
“It is clear that the Bush administration is preparing for a draft. They are desperate for new soldiers to continue the occupation of Iraq and to prepare for new wars against Iran, Syria and elsewhere,”.

Getting Ready For The Draft
Why don't we all just face it, the military draft is coming back. Signs of the impending draft include, S.S.S. reporting to Bush at the end of this month they are ready to go, the stocking of the draft boards and Bush signing off on plans to bomb Iran in June.

Ocean Off Hawaii Strewn With Wreckage
From junked trucks to World War II submarines, vast fields of far-flung wreckage exist beneath the blue-green ocean off Hawaii.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Bush's deceptive plans for the US social security system show why privatisation is not the answer to the global pensions crisis by Joseph Stiglitz.

Sudan says "abundant" oil found in war torn Darfur.

Oregon Bill Requires Drivers License Applicants To Register For Draft.

FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker
To 'Shut Up' Over Finding Airplane 'Black Boxes'

The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush.

Four indicted over 1982 murder with links to Chicago archdiocese.

Evidence of Risk for H2N2 1957 Pandemic Flu.

U.S Forest Service looks for sites to close down.

Theologian calls for response to 9/11.

Video of Tom DeLay fibbing that Social Security will go bankrupt in 2041.

GI Laughed at Grenade Movie Scene.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The scientist who discovered that dust in interstellar space and in comets is largely organic, now says that nanobacteria in clouds are responsible for spreading illnesses such as kidney stones, heart disease, and HIV around the world.

Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq.

Minuteman founder leaving border early but volunteers to remain.

More Bushit: Forget retiring, Bush says raising retirement age a possibility
Bush: Raise the retirement age.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Illegal aliens get top aircraft mechanic jobs.


Iceberg Collision Forces Redraw of Antarctic Maps.

MR. FILKINS: Yeah. There's actually a company in Baghdad that does nothing except offer rides to the airport and back. They've got an armored cars and some guards. And they charge $35,000 for...

MR. RUSSERT: Thirty-five thousand dollars?

MR. FILKINS: ...for a ride to the airport. And I think you know, if you miss your plane and you have to come back, it's another $35,000. But...

MR. RUSSERT: How long--is it six miles?

U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew.

Berlusconi to Resign, Form New Government, Buttiglione Says.

They put huge deficits on plastic for our grandkids to pay. They sell us out to predatory lenders. They're the Credit Card Congress.

This film has been banned by the feds.

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