Saturday, December 18, 2004

NATO, the Pentagon, MI6, the CIA, and European intelligence services linked to terror, coups d’état, and torture 

NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism?
At a time when experts are debating whether NATO is suited to deal with the global “war on terror”, new research suggests that the alliance’s own secret history has links to terrorism-by Daniele Ganser.

Another dead BUSH biographer. Coincidence or Conspiracy? You decide!
Gary Webb, 49; Wrote Series Linking CIA, Drugs.

Four Bush biographers, Mark Lombardi, J.H. Hatfield, Danny Casalaro, and now Gary Webb--all "suicide" victims. What are the odds all of these people actually committing suicide?
4 Bush Biographers--All Suicided.

Gary Webb Dead: Suicide? Conspiracy? You Guess.
"The odds of 4 specific, male biographers committing suicide would be the 4th power of 17/100000, or 8.3521 4.913 x 10^-17...roughly 1 chance 10,000,000,000,000,000.

Second Bush cabinet taking rocky shape

Secret Warfare: Operation Gladio and NATO's Stay-Behind Armies

International Relations and Security Network (ISN).

"At Bush Inauguration, Lunch Will Set You Back $250,000."

This is a lunch with Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, obviously exclusive to the high tax brackets. There will also be a "Salute To Those Who Serve," with free tickets for the military.

The arithmetic is too tempting. It costs $25,000 to fully armor a Humvee. Each $250,000 lunch ticket could go straight to equipping 10 vehicles, so our reservists and Guards in Iraq won't have to ride around with homemade sandbags on the floor.

Do it, Mr. Bush. Donate your lunch money to the troops.

U.S. obviously didn't do all it could to protect troops.

Christmas Wishlist...Baghdad Burning-No electricity for three days in a row (well, unless you count that glorious hour we got 3 days ago...). Generators on gasoline are hardly working at all. Generators on diesel fuel aren't faring much better- most will only work for 3 or 4 straight hours then they have to be turned off to rest.

More News and Info.

Couple proudly displayed infant cut from mother's womb.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Rampant Insider Selling Raises Red Flags
AP Reports Major Corporate Execs, Including Some From the Homebuilding Industry Are Dumping Stocks - Serious Predictor of a Coming Crash...

That's right. Put all of our money into a failing Stock Market! Bush is a liar. International Bankers are intentionally/systematically bankrupting this country!
Bush: Social Security Reform Needed Now

The Source of Hitler's Success
by Ludwig von Mises

Doctor Who Criticized U.N. in Book Finds Himself Out of a Job.

A monetary coup d'etat.

Monday, December 13, 2004



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No More Victims.Org

Baghdad Burning-Fuel Shortage...It has been a sad few weeks

Some Say Radioactive Arms Cause Gulf War Syndrome by Helen Thomas

The Oil-For-Food 'Scandal' is a Cynical Smokescreen by Scott Ritter

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