Saturday, September 11, 2004


US marks three years since 9/11
Ceremonies have been taking place in the US to mark the third anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks in which about 3,000 people died.
Moments of silence mark 9/11 anniversary.

Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea
Major Explosion Followed by Mushroom Cloud Reported in North Korea on Key Communist Regime Date.

Google is dying: Death by a billion cuts
On sites with more than a few thousand pages, Google is not indexing anywhere from ten percent to seventy percent of the pages it knows about.

8 Governors Receive Suspicious Letters
The number of governor's offices receiving suspicious letters grew to at least eight Friday, the day after one that had been rigged to ignite when opened prompted evacuations at the Montana Capitol.

Dov Zakheim: The Mastermind Behind 9/11?
Coincidence or conspiracy? Former Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corp., which markets the technology to take over the controls of an airborne vehicle already in flight. For example, the Flight Termination System technology could hijack hijackers and bring the plane down safely.

Littoral warfare by remote control
Unmanned craft carrying sensors, mine-countermeasures equipment, weapons and other specialized payloads can help littoral-warfare ships to perform both their offensive and defensive roles.

9/11 Commission Wants "No-Fly" List Expanded to Trains, Ships
The government should check travelers' names against terrorist watch lists before they board passenger trains or cruise ships, the Sept. 11 commission recommended Wednesday.

According to Le Figaro, the top conservative daily in France, Bin Laden spent 12 days at the American Hospital of Dubai receiving treatment for kidney failure, starting on July 4. A CIA officer met with him there, and reported back to his US superiors shortly after July 15. What did the CIA know, and when did it know it? We demand an investigation! (Translated by a Democrats.com member.)
The public enemy # 1 is said to have been treated at the American Hospital of Dubaï at the beginning of summer for serious chronic kidney failure. During his 15 day stay, a local representative of the CIA came to visit the Saudi millionaire. This agent is said to have been informed about possible attacks.

Infamy: Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the Coming Outrage
Three years after 9/11, we still have no real clarity about "whodunit" – and if history is any indication, it could be decades before the truth is finally revealed.

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror
His campaign says vote Republican or die - but he lets al-Qaida off the hook.

'9/11 became a pretext for US expansionism'
The September 11 attacks on the United States were a pretext for American expansionism around the world and a defeat for Arabs, according to Arab and Muslim commentators on the third anniversary of the suicide hijackings.

Time to Consider Iraq Withdrawl
This week a macabre milestone was passed in Iraq. More than 1,000 American soldiers have now been killed since the US-led invasion of the country began nearly 18 months ago. The overwhelming majority lost their lives after President George W. Bush declared major combat operations over in his now infamous "Mission Accomplished" photo-opportunity in May last year.

Secret Service protects Bush by pulling hair! Ousts seven anti-Bush hecklers
Secret Service agents are famous for their willingness to take a bullet for the president. Less famous is their willingness to take out a heckler for the president.

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire
A new documentary "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire" examines how the Bush administration used Sept. 11 to transform American foreign policy and enter a phase of so-called preemptive warfare while rolling back civil liberties and social programs at home.

New TV Series Highlights UN Sex Scandal
"Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures," written by current and former U.N. peacekeeping mission employees Heidi Postlewait, Andrew Thomson and Kenneth Cain, will be developed and produced as a dramatic series by Miramax Television.

Secret Society Gathering Place Discovered in Paris' Underground Tombs
Police in Paris have discovered a fully equipped cinema-cum-restaurant in a large and previously uncharted cavern underneath the capital's chic 16th arrondissement.

Ankle bracelet puts clamp on drinking by alcohol offenders
In criminal justice terms, the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM ankle bracelet, is about saving lives, meting out punishment to drunken drivers, and helping alcoholics fight their addictions, according to its designers.

Friday, September 10, 2004

53% of Los Angeles Can't Read! 

Half the county can't read this
53% of working age not literate enough to use bus schedule, complete job application.

*Continued immigration and a stubborn high school dropout rate have stymied efforts to improve literacy in Los Angeles County. Only one in every 10 county workers deemed functionally illiterate is enrolled in literacy classes and half of them drop out within three weeks. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent in public schoolsover the past decade to boost literacy rates, functional illiteracy levels have remained flat because of a steady influx of non-English-speaking immigrants and a 30 percent high school drop-out rate.*

(NOTE: When my Great Grandfathers/Mothers immigrated to the U.S. at the turn of the Century they taught themselves English. It was a matter of survival. Los Angeles is disgusting. If you are going to immigrate you must take resonsibility for yourself and learn the language of that Country. If I decided to move to another Country I would learn their language and I wouldn't expect that Country to pick-up the tab along the way. Millions of dollars more will not solve the problem. People must start taking responsiblity for themselves! SZ)

Just how many people are we talking about? Below are the current numbers for Los Angeles population...

Latest Population Estimate (Jan. 1, 2004)

Los Angeles County: 10,103,000 (correct me of I'm wrong but 53% of that number is something like 5,354,590)

City of Los Angeles: 3,912,200

Source: California Dept. of Finance; Demographic Research Unit

9-11 'Drills': Senator Dayton: 'NORAD lied'; Planes sent 150 miles over the Atlantic
The fact "a squadron of NORAD fighter planes that was scrambled was sent east over the Atlantic Ocean and was 150 miles from Washington, D.C." seems to confirm at least one of three War-game "Exercises"; VIGILANT GUARDIAN, VIGILANT WARRIOR, or NORTHERN GUARDIAN.

We knew that. In the newsroom, we had a document already in hand, marked, "SECRET" across the top and "199-I" - meaning this was a national security matter.

The Creepy Sides of the 911 Truth Movement
Watch your back, ladies and gentlemen, there are some people with creepy agendas in the 911 Truth Movement, movers & shakers, and people with money.

Rebels Begin to Control More Areas in Iraq
Armed groups and foreign terrorists have established new camps in central Iraq as government forces attack rebels in the north and south, officials say.

Utah Auctions Off 360,000 Acres of Public Land to Oil & Gas Industry
“This sale is evidence that the Interior Department is targeting Utah’s most spectacular lands for oil and gas leasing and development,”

Indecision 2004
Indecision 2004.

The Dishonesty Thing By PAUL KRUGMAN
It's the dishonesty, stupid. The real issue in the National Guard story isn't what George W. Bush did three decades ago. It's the recent pattern of lies: his assertions that he fulfilled his obligations when he obviously didn't, the White House's repeated claims that it had released all of the relevant documents when it hadn't.

CIA, FBI Spying on Israel
.....This headline coming out of Israel sounds absurd. Almost as ludicrous as allegations coming from the FBI today that Israel is spying on the US. It's a sensationalistic headline that would make every Islamic terrorist smile.

School Siege Survivor's Tale
In response, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said "we solve our internal problems ourselves and there's no need to search for an American route to political normalization in Chechnya," according to Interfax.

Why do half of all Americans embrace our most incompetent and most reckless president, our most hated president overseas?
Riding Fear To Victory?

Things We Now Know Three Years After 911
The Republican Party -- in a shameless , all-too-obvious attempt to manipulate the tragedy of 9/11 for partisan ends -- chose New York City for its nominating convention.

China's picture of political intrigue
A power struggle at the top of the secretive Chinese Communist Party has burst into the open after the publication of a doctored photograph of past and present leaders.

Global Eye By Chris Floyd
George Bush's United States is clearly in a proto-fascist condition. Of course, there's no such thing as direct equivalence between historical events.

We apologize for the depression we have orchestrated to begin by year 2010 or sooner. We recognize this course is the only means by which to cleanse the excesses of monetary intervention, overcapacity, malinvestment, regulations, and government largesse, and return to principles of freedom that created our Republic over 200 years ago.

Oil For Dummies
A look at our energy problem -- and why fixing it could mean political suicide. TAP Talks to Matthew Yeomans, author of Oil: Anatomy of an Industry.

The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax
PT Barnum said it for all time, "There's a sucker born every minute." For more than four decades, the American people have been terrorized, not by a foreign threat, but by their own govern­ment. In order for the Federal Reserve System central bankers to continue to loot the nation after the successful conclusion of the I Second World War, they had to invent a new threat. The only candidate was our erstwhile gallant ally, the Soviet Union. The central bank conspirators faced the task of continuing to mobilize the people against a terrible threat, taxing them heavily in order to save them from destruction.

U.S. Treasury Shows Actual 2003 Federal Deficit at $3.7 Trillion Deficit Moves Beyond Any Possible Tax Remedy Could U.S. Treasuries Face a Rating Downgrade
The U.S. government's fiscal ills have spun wildly out of control and no longer are containable within the existing system.

S.B. Writer Peter Lance Dismisses 9/11 Commission Report in Cover Up
"The last official body created and funded to get a 'full account' of the greatest mass murder in U.S. history has cherrypicked the evidence, skewed the findings, covered up compelling evidence of negligence on the part of the U.S. intelligence community,".

Engineer Builds Robot That Walks on Water
It could be called a mechanical miracle — a robot that walks on water. With inspiration from nature and some help from research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Water Strider Robot
To develop a microrobot that can maneuver on water with power efficiency and agility.


Cheney's threat
WHEN VICE President Cheney said Tuesday that voters would increase the chances of another terrorist attack on America if they vote for John Kerry, he crossed what should be an impermeable line separating democratic decency from the sort of demagoguery that disfigures politics in places like Belarus, Burma, or Iran.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

In LosT Angeles 53% of population can't read this! 

Ignorant Los Angeles: Half the county can't read this
Los Angeles County 53% of working age not literate enough to use bus schedule, complete job application.

Smog May Cause Lifelong Lung Deficits
Gauderman believes chronic inflammation may play a role, with air pollutants irritating small airways on a daily basis. Scientists also suspect that pollutants might dampen the growth of alveoli – tiny air sacs in the lungs.

The Faces of 1,000 Soldiers
Michael Allred and Richard Torres. Kenneth Souslin and Gregory Sanders. Brandon Rowe and Alyssa Peterson and Nathan Brown. The list goes ever onward. One thousand names, one thousand faces, one thousand folded American flags.

Littoral warfare by remote control
Unmanned craft carrying sensors, mine-countermeasures equipment, weapons and other specialized payloads can help littoral-warfare ships to perform both their offensive and defensive roles.

Russia Says Could Strike 'Terrorist' Bases Anywhere
"As for launching pre-emptive strikes on terrorist bases, we will carry out all measures to liquidate terrorist bases in any region of the world," General Yuri Baluevsky said, according to Russian news agencies. "However, this does not mean that we will launch nuclear strikes."

Pentagon Film
Pentagon Strike

Dissing Israel: Am I Crazy or What?
Crazy, that’s what I am. Or so said a guy on the forum here at Press Action. You see, he takes issue with my “rants” because he thinks I make things up as I go along.

Acidic, radioactive water spills into bay
A breach in a dike at a phosphate company in Tampa lets loose 18,000 gallons of wastewater.

Suppose a new 9/11 hit America . . .
What would happen if there were a new terrorist attack inside the United States on 11 September 2004?

If Bush is reelected in 2004, we can count on a military draft in 2005
One thing George W. Bush forgot to mention at the Republican National Convention was that, if reelected, he would soon bring back the military draft.

Reject the National ID Card
Washington politicians are once again seriously considering imposing a national identification card - and it may well become law before the end of the 108th Congress.

Utah researcher hopes to build global DNA database
Indigenous people: Using samples gathered in Mexico and other places, the study will create a genetic profile of the planet.

Pataki and Giuliani rewrite 9-11 history to bolster Bush, prepare for their 2008 race
Giuliani and Pataki clearly plan to run for president on the strength of 9-11.

Sound Cannon in Place in NY Pointed at Protesters
Here are photos from NY of the sound weapon in place and pointed at protesters. One time, the sound weapons was turned on to a low hum. So the weapons they are using on Iraqis are going to be used on American citizens. This is the nature of the Police State we're living in.

Terrorism Is the Price of Empire
Pat Buchanan spoke with Bill Maher on Sept. 3 about Iraq and the "War on Terror." The following is a transcript from Real Time With Bill Maher.

Think Tank Blasts Bush Commission Report on Cuba
A 10-member international task force of prominent analysts and former diplomats has warned that recommendations by a special commission on the Bush administration's plans for Cuba, released last May, "will poorly serve U.S. interests in Cuba and the wider region".

The Chechens' American friends
The Washington neocons' commitment to the war on terror evaporates in Chechnya, whose cause they have made their own.

Family 'thanks' Bush for death of son
Ken and Betty Landrus have put up a large sign outside their home near Thompson, Ohio that is sharply critical of the Bush administration.

Bomb Kills 9, Wounds 160 in Jakarta
"I can't find my family," said Suharti, who had eight relatives working in the mission. "I am terrified. I don't know where they are."

Memos: Bush Suspended From Guard Flying
"On this date I ordered that 1st Lt. Bush be suspended from flight status due to failure to perform to USAF/TexANG standards and failure to meet annual physical examination ... as ordered,"

As patriotic Americans, we must make amends for our outrageous consumer selfishness, and control our leaders' obsession with war as a means to peace
Can America Change Before It’s Too Late

Cipel was briefed on N.J. defenses
At the request of Gov. McGreevey's administration, high-ranking National Guard and State Police officials shared sensitive security information with Israeli national Golan Cipel in early 2002 and took him on a tour of the state's most vulnerable security locations, the Gannett State Bureau has learned.

AIPAC asks for help against allegations in Pentagon probe
The pro-Israel lobby AIPAC sent a letter to all its supporters on Tuesday asking for donations to help it combat the allegations leveled against it in the context of a counterespionage investigation at the Pentagon.

Why do the Neo-Cons hate America Mommy?
In the night a child cried for his mother. She came into his room and sat by his bed. â??Mom, I had a bad dream.â?? A quiet plea from her son.

Hijack Leader's Father Blames Israel for 9/11 Attacks
The father of September 11 hijack leader Mohammed Atta has insisted his son did not carry out the 2001 attacks, blaming a “Jewish conspiracy” for the outrage.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

White House Israeli Spy Ring Cover-Up Denial 

FBI investigates suspected Pentagon security breaches
An FBI investigation into suspected security breaches involving Pentagon officials and Israel is unlikely to result in prosecution of senior figures following pressure from the White House, according to people familiar with the case.

Keep in mind GREG PALAST, in his book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, years ago documented from the FBI,"Secret. Case ID - 199-Eye WF 213 589" in his book. G.W. Bush stopped the FBI from investigating Saudi Royals (the money trail) here in the US. Either way we must keep asking these questions. This case isn't near closed. My motto: I want to see some fucking proof! I ain't seen it yet. In addition, lot's of questions must be answered about the Israeli spy ring that's been operating for years in the US.

Graham book: Inquiry into 9/11, Saudi ties blocked
WASHINGTON - Two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers had a support network in the United States that included agents of the Saudi government, and the Bush administration and FBI blocked a congressional investigation into that relationship, Sen. Bob Graham wrote in a book to be released Tuesday.

Flashback: IMPROVING INTELLIGENCE December 11, 2002
GWEN IFILL: Are you suggesting that you are convinced that there was a state sponsor behind 9/11?
SEN. BOB GRAHAM: I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing -- although that was part of it -- by a sovereign foreign government and that we have been derelict in our duty to track that down, make the further case, or find the evidence that would indicate that that is not true and we can look for other reasons why the terrorists were able to function so effectively in the United States.

9/4/2004: Contributor Paul Thompson to appear on national television
Paul Thompson, creator of the 911 Timeline , will be appearing on Fox and Friends, 7:00 AM EST on September 9, and Air America at 7:00 AM EST the following day. He will also be speaking in New York City and Washington, D.C. on the 9th and the 11th, respectively.

Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11
For almost three years since 9/11 independent researchers have stockpiled individual smoking guns which prove that the official version of events was not only a lie but operationally impossible.

If 250,000 New York Driver's Licenses Do Not Match Social Security Data, How Many Voters are Illegally Registered?
In light of recent revelations that New York Department of Motor Vehicles has issued as many as 250,000 driver's licenses to individuals who provided Social Security numbers that do not match information in the Social Security Administration's database, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is calling upon the state's Board of Elections to conduct a county by county review of voter rolls. Under the Motor Voter law, it is reasonable to "assume that large numbers of individuals have also been unlawfully registered to vote," state FAIR in a formal demand letter to Board of Elections Chair Carole Berman.

Lawsuit Uncovers New Bush Guard Records
Months after insisting it could find no more records of President Bush's Air National Guard service, the Defense Department has released more than two dozen pages of files, including Bush's report card for flight training and dates of his flights.

American Jobs Documentary Film Hits Home
August 9, 2004, Santa Monica, CA – As the presidential candidates scramble to spin last Friday's alarming monthly employment numbers, first-time filmmaker Greg Spotts is preparing a very different interpretation of the state of the American Economy. Having visited the homes of dozens of recently laid-off American workers, Spotts is now convinced that the economy is undergoing structural rather than cyclical change.

Liberal vs. Conservative from a Free Market/Freedom Perspective
I think many people are confused by the liberal/conservative label. Most people think that liberals/conservatives have to be 100% diametrically opposed to each other and they are mutually exclusive. This does not have to be the case. Ron Paul is an example of someone who can be both, an original liberal and an original conservative.

The War on Chechnya
In February, Boris Yeltsin's unpopular war effort in Chechnya got a huge shot in the arm when President Clinton rammed a U.S. loan of $10.2 billion for the Russian Federation through the International Monetary Fund.

Dangerous Trends: The Growth of Debt in the U.S. Economy
The sharp reversal in the budget situation under the Bush administration, from record surpluses to near record deficits, has received a great deal of attention from the media and the general public.


Don't Look at the Flash by Greg Palast
On September 11, 2001, we Americans were the victims of a terrible attack.By September 12, we became the suspects.

FBI investigates suspected Pentagon security breaches
An FBI investigation into suspected security breaches involving Pentagon officials and Israel is unlikely to result in prosecution of senior figures following pressure from the White House, according to people familiar with the case.

Did Bush Administration have anything to do with outgoing Panamanian president's decision?
The four pardoned Cuban exiles -- Luis Posada Carriles, Gaspar Jimenez, Guillermo Novo and Pedro Remon -- were among a group of six convicted in April 2004 “for their part in a failed attempt in 2000 to bomb a University of Panama auditorium where Castro was due to speak during a summit of Iberian and Latin American leaders,”

Treason in high places: Pentagon zionists, AIPEC and Israel
The US military and security apparatus has retaliated. First by debunking Zionist lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, then by exposing the role of Zionist client Ahmed Chalabi as a double agent for Iran, followed by a two-year investigation of Pentagon Zionists passing documents to Israeli military intelligence and the secret police, the Mossad.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Domestic Redwood Police Torture 

A shocking police video shows deputies swabbing liquid pepper spray directly in the eye of nonviolent protester Jennifer Schneider, whose arms were locked to those of adjacent protesters
Works to strengthen the labor movement through the use of music and the arts.

Bush: OB-GYNs Kept from 'Practicing Their Love'
But then he added, "We've got an issue in America. Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country."

Mr. President, we, the undersigned, call upon you to speak out for American Democracy. LET NADER DEBATE! Sign the letter!
The extreme partisanship that has overrun American politics prevents honest debate about the critical issues facing our country. Nowhere is the problem of partisanship more visible than in the conduct of the nationally televised presidential debates. A debate that includes only two candidates with strikingly similar views is too narrow in scope and substance.

China will send troops to Haiti
China's Public Security Ministry is set to dispatch a 130-man "special police" unit to Haiti this month in the first deployment of Chinese forces to the Western Hemisphere, Bush administration officials say.

Putin Speech: "Terrorism is just another instrument in implementing their designs"
"The people who sent the terrorists to commit that utterly heinous crime harbored a hope to set on our peoples to fight with one another and unleash a bloody feud in Northern Caucasus......They still believe that Russia poses a threat to them as a nuclear power. That is why this threat must be eliminated, and terrorism is just another instrument in implementing their designs."

Air the USS Liberty segment
The Air the segment on the USS Liberty Petition to ABC Inc, Nightline was created by and written by Elizabeth Davidson.

Protesters Allege 9/11 Terror Attacks Were Government Conspiracy
On the final day of the Republican National Convention, protesters gathered where the World Trade Center once stood to allege a massive government conspiracy and cover-up regarding the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Capsule to bring the Sun down to Earth
A space capsule set to plunge into Earth's atmosphere with a piece of the Sun this Wednesday has spawned additional projects ranging from spacecraft design to the detection of dangerous asteroids.

Professional Liar Perle says now that he was misled by Black
Perle now says he was duped by his friend and business colleague.

WHR: This article triggered a major denial-of-service hacker attack on my web site. It was copied and posted on a British web site (with permission) and it too was hit with a denial-of-service hacker attack. This is the chain of facts that the government and its allies in the creation of a new world war don't want you to read

Dean: Take this country back
Former Democratic presidential candidate speaks at Denison.

WTC Survivor
There are several versions of this hoax.

PRESIDENT George W Bush is proud to be a Texan. So no doubt he can recognise the smell that now fills the halls of the White House.

Wealth Inequality in 21st Century Threatens Economy and Democracy
Wealth Inequality in 21st Century Threatens Economy and Democracy.

FSB no longer exists for me
Oppositional Dagestan editions have been talking more and more often about the involvement of Russian secret services in kidnappings in Dagestan.

Who are the swift boat veterans for truth?
Swift boat veterans for truth are a fringe element of Vietnam veterans who are bent on destroying the reputation of another veteran who served honorably in Vietnam simply because they disagree with him politically.

US layoffs up 6.6 percent in August to 6-month high
Job cuts announced by US companies increased 6.6 percent in August to 74,150, a six-month high, according to a monthly tally released by outplacement firm Challenger Gray and Christmas.

MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Terrorists who seized a school in North Ossetia's Beslan, September 1, were receiving orders from abroad throughout the three suspense-laden days, says Aslanbek Aslakhanov, President Vladimir Putin's adviser for North Caucasian affairs.

Filipino maid's case focuses spotlight on modern slavery
Former teacher won $825,000 in a suit against a Sony executive and his wife.

Angry Putin rejects public Beslan inquiry
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, last night refused to order a public inquiry into how the Beslan school was captured by gunmen and then ended with such a high death toll, and told the Guardian that people who call for talks with Chechen leaders have no conscience.

Flashback: Cheney: 'Investigators, Keep Out'
The vice president blocks an independent commission to investigate 9-11.

What if the whole world could vote in the U.S. presidential election?

Agents of the [Russian] Special Services were in Baraev's Band," journalist Murat Khairullin wrote in the October 29 issue of Moskovskie Komsommolets. A man in his forties had asked for a meeting with a correspondent from the newspaper and had then identified himself as an employee of Russian military intelligence
There were, he specified, four such Special Services agents among the fifty or so terrorists who had seized the Moscow theater. "From this it emerges that it would have been possible to avert the tragedy."

Local police may have helped terrorists plan Russian siege
THE militants who seized a school in Russia, killing more than 350 people may have had help from local police, an official admitted yesterday.

FBI painting ugly picture
The dots in Washington are connecting. It's not a pretty sight.

Pentagon investigates Kerry's war medals
In a fresh blow to John Kerry's flagging presidential campaign, the Pentagon has ordered an official investigation into the awarding of the Democratic senator's five Vietnam War decorations.

Neocons Preparing the Sequel to Plan of Attack
You might want to re-read Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack now that you know the FBI has been attempting for at least two years to determine whether or not the development of that plan and/or associated National Security Presidential Directives (NSPD) involved any acts of treason.

A history of Secret Experimentation
A history of Secret Experimentation

Russian FM says Moscow respects Lebanese sovereignty
In a veiled swipe at the United States and its allies, Russia's foreign minister said Sunday his country opposed a Security Council resolution demanding free presidential elections here and a Syrian troop withdrawal out of Moscow's respect for Lebanese sovereignty.

Russian hostage carnage
Grief-stricken families prepared to bury their dead yesterday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin vowing to toughen security after a bloody hostage drama that killed at least 330 people, about half of them children.

South Russia School Hostage-Taking: Photos
On September 1st, 2004 dozens of armed fighters took hundreds of people, most of them children, in a school in the town of Beslan, in the South Russian republic of North Ossetia. The siege was ended on the third day of the standoff by a large-scale shootout and eventual storming of the building by commandos. Initial estimates put the death toll at over a hundred.

Russian hostage carnage
Grief-stricken families prepared to bury their dead yesterday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin vowing to toughen security after a bloody hostage drama that killed at least 330 people, about half of them children.

Why I Will Not Seek a Best Documentary Oscar
(I'm Giving it up in the Hopes More Voters can see "Fahrenheit 9/11")

Scientist: Extreme Weather Will Kill Millions
Millions of people across the globe are set to die early due to extreme weather events such as floods and heat waves caused by climate change, a British scientist said Tuesday.

Terror Case Collapse Blow to Bush
Adds to List of High-Profile Losses.

Venice Beach Party
Author Naomi Klein is a star at Global Beach, an alternative to the Venice film fest staged by the anti-globalization movement.

Putin Says Dialogue With Chechen Terrorists No More Likely Than U.S.-Bin Laden Talks
Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted U.S. government officials Monday, accusing them of supporting Chechen separatists and undermining his war on terror by calling on Russia to seek dialogue with people whom Putin called “bastards”.

Bush photographed wearing Air Force award he never earned
Bush photographed wearing Air Force award he never earned.

Monday, September 06, 2004


Welcome to the Haymarket Affair Digital Collection. The Chicago Historical Society has created this digital collection to provide on-line access to its primary source materials relating to the Haymarket Affair, a controversial moment in Chicago's past and a pivotal event in the early history of the American labor movement
The Haymarket Affair Digital Collection.

The Labor Heritage Foundation
Works to strengthen the labor movement through the use of music and the arts.

Sunday, September 05, 2004


According to the Register, where the Bush Administration likes to place its little gifts to major campaign donors, 2.7 million workers will lose their overtime pay for a "benefit" of $1.53 billion.

A Media Blackout: Media Miss Story of Biggest Pay Cut in U.S. History
On August 23, the Bush Administration's Department of Labor eliminated the right to time-and-a-half pay for overtime work for millions of Americans in what amounted to the biggest pay cut in American history.

Still Unreported: The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix
In 1968, former Congressman George Herbert Walker Bush of Texas, fresh from voting to send other men’s sons to Vietnam, enlisted his own son in a very special affirmative action program, the ‘champagne’ unit of the Texas Air National Guard. There, Top Gun fighter pilot George Dubya was assigned the dangerous job of protecting Houston from Vietcong air attack.

Warner Brothers Censoring Film! Fight Over Gulf War Film Escalates
"I am contemplating having a press conference with a 1st Amendment lawyer … next Tuesday to say that this is censorship and an infringement of the 1st Amendment based on political opinions," Russell said by e-mail from Hawaii where he was vacationing.

Real Stories from Real Americans A Plea for Help Posted by: Spiros D - Baghdad, zz
I am a soldier stationed in Iraq concerned about the role of private contractors in this war, and would like to ask for your help. How can you who are way over there help me way over here? Well, let me tell you how.

The Hazards and Vicissitudes of Social Security Privatization
Opponents of Republican proposals to privatize Social Security must contend with a painful irony: It was not George W. Bush, but Franklin D. Roosevelt, who first popularized the notion that workers have an individualized, proprietary stake in Social Security.

‘We Don’t Want Our Loved Ones Who Died in 9/11 Used as an Excuse to Start War’
Relatives of terror victims are foremost in the mass demonstrations that show not everyone loves Bush.

Bush's National Guard File Missing Records
Documents that should have been written to explain gaps in President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service are missing from the military records released about his service in 1972 and 1973, according to regulations and outside experts.

Moscow furious as EU asks for answers
Russia reacted furiously to an EU demand for an explanation of why the hostage crisis ended in such bloodshed. Ben Bot, the Dutch Foreign Minister, said: "We would like to know from the Russian authorities how this tragedy could have happened."

The Life and Crimes of George W. Bush
Part Four: Jesus Told Him Where to Bomb.

Assaulted over the Internet
Yes, we were assaulted over the Internet and it is not over. This is not the first time, but it is the worst so far. We Hold These Truths/Strait Gate Ministries has survived for the moment after being totally blacked out for eight days without a warning or a hearing. What was done to us is no different than had our offices been bombed and looted, in fact, it might be easier to recover.

The mystery of the Russia hostage-takers
Names, nationalities and ethnic origins have been suggested, but the burning question about the militants who took 1,000 children, parents and teachers hostage in southern Russia remains unanswered: Who were they?

FBI painting ugly picture
The story is potentially a huge scandal and may indicate a furious power struggle between neocon supporters of Israel's far right Likud Party, who dominated the Pentagon and National Security Council, and the CIA and the state department.

As Mike Ruppert will delinate in his upcoming book "Crossing the Rubicon" there were at least five "Training Exercises" in progress on the morning of 9/11 2001. Each and every one, and any others we may not yet know of, was under the control of our vice president Dick Cheney
Mike Ruppert blows the top off 9/11.

Israeli press expose Jewish 'terrorists'
Israeli media have exposed a para-military Jewish group that has been terrorising Palestinian civilians in the West Bank with full knowledge and tacit approval of the Israeli army.

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