Saturday, June 05, 2004


NYC: Subway shooters to set their sights on underground camera ban
Mike Epstein is not a terrorist, but if a proposed ban on photography on New York trains and buses goes into effect, he might very well find himself treated like one - a group of photographers plan to gather at the main information kiosk in Grand Central station this Sunday, June 6, at 1 p.m. They'll fan out across several train lines, shooting photos throughout the system in a peaceful demonstration - regulation 21 NYCRR 1050.9c are stiffer penalties for hopping turnstiles, walking between cars, and using seats as footrests

NYC: FBI Forges Link to New York Street Cops
In turn, street cops who sense trouble will be able to forward information immediately to the state unit, which can check databases to determine if a situation warrants federal intervention

You might think a city the size of Baltimore has seen everything – particularly when it comes to brutal crimes-They are both illegal aliens thought by some police sources to be involved in smuggling of human beings across the Mexican border
Child murders and illegal immigration-Still, the U.S. rolls out the red carpet for illegal aliens. We provide them jobs. We provide them amnesty programs. We provide them free medical care denied to our own citizens. We provide them free public education at taxpayer expense
*In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.*
*In 2000, nearly 30 percent of federal prisoners were foreign-born.*

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides
President George W. Bush’s increasingly erratic behavior and wide mood swings has the halls of the West Wing buzzing lately as aides privately express growing concern over their leader’s state of mind.

Legendary guitarist Les Paul - Fighting Music of World War II
In World War II the famed guitarist served as right-hand man to the music director at the newly created Armed Forces Radio Service-"There was so much talent, and it never ended," he reflects. "And no one turns you down when you're in the armed forces. You pick up the phone and ask them, and they go out of their way for the guys who really need all their support."

Armed man in bulldozer goes on rampage in Colorado mountain town
GRANBY, Colo. – An armed man barricaded inside a fortified bulldozer went on a rampage Friday, firing shots and knocking down buildings as he plowed down the streets of this Colorado town

US Citizens Revolting Against Paperless Voting
Carroll County officials in the U.S. state of Ohio opted this week not to buy an electronic voting machine in time for November's presidential election, and Dan Kozminski says his group should get some of the credit for that decision.

Report: Illegal entrants cost state $1.3 billion a year
Illegal immigration costs Arizonans $1.3 billion a year, nearly 20 times more than it did just a decade ago, according to a report by an immigration reform group.

If Americans collectively import more goods and services from foreigners than we export, we are said to have a trade deficit. Paying for the things we import accounts for most of the flow of dollars out of the United States. However, money flows out of the country for other reasons as well. The U.S. government provides foreign aid and supports overseas military bases; immigrants to the United States send dollars back to their families; foreigners who own U.S. businesses or financial assets take income out of the country.
When these factors are added to the trade deficit, the net outflow of dollars is called the current account deficit. In 2002, the U.S. trade deficit amounted to $418 billion, and the current account deficit totaled $480 billion. Data for 2003 is not yet available, but preliminary reports indicate the current account deficit will be at least $550 billion.

Where are the Carriers? Fleet Response Plan
During the summer of 2004 the Navy will surge some aircraft carriers from their homeports … to generate as many as seven of 12 carriers on station … for Coalition operations. The ability to push that kind of military capability to the four corners of the world is quite remarkable and recent. Several years ago, the Navy could deploy only two.

Gore Lashes Out Again at Bush Administration
``Only three-and-a-half years ago our country faced the prospect of multi-trillion dollar surpluses ... and now unbelievably, in just three-and-a-half short years, this current Bush-Cheney administration has squandered this surplus and we are facing multi-billion dollar deficits,'' Gore said.

Reagan's Health Said to Have Deteriorated
Former President Ronald Reagan's health has deteriorated, the White House has been told. The White House was informed that the 93-year-old former president's health had changed significantly in the past several days, a person familiar with Reagan's condition said Saturday.

500,000 protest Bush's visit to Rome
Police deployed some 10,000 officers around Rome as an estimated 500,000 protested Bush's arrival and Italy's active support of the U.S. war in Iraq.

The annual Bilderberg Group conference is literally the most important meeting in the world. It is attended annually by more world leaders, more top politicians, more royalty, and business leaders, than any other gathering of any kind anywhere. The G8 summit and World Economic Forums are mere side-shows by comparison. No other meeting is attended by the leaders of all the major international institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the European Union.

Families hear heroism on 9/11 calls from planes
Relatives of passengers and crew aboard the four airliners hijacked on September 11, 2001, heard tapes Friday of calls from the doomed planes and said later that they were moved by heroic efforts on all the flights

Kerry 'Flips Off' Vietnam Vet At Memorial
Democratic senator - and certain presidential nominee - John F. Kerry gave the middle finger to a Vietnam veteran at the Vietnam Memorial Wall on Memorial Day morning, NewsMax.com has learned

Cato Blasts Danforth Waco Report
A new study by the Cato Institute says that the final official government report on the 1993 Branch Davidian disaster in Waco, Tex.-- which exonerated federal officials from wrongdoing-- is "not
supported by the factual evidence."

Dengue breaks out in Saudi Arabia
Health authorities in Saudi Arabia have confirmed the outbreak of Dengue fever in Jeddah and the neighbouring holy city of Mecca, with 30 confirmed cases reported till now, a report said on Saturday

The Booming Defense Business
It's not every day that the chief executive of a major defense contractor steps down because of ethical wrongdoing on his watch, as Boeing CEO Phil Condit did Dec. 1. But let's be clear about one thing: This mounting scandal, which centers on whether Boeing improperly offered Pentagon procurement official Darleen Druyun a job while she was negotiating the terms of a $20-billion deal to lease 747s from the company, goes well beyond a few misguided executives at one corporation

Federal agricultural inspection services of Russia decided to send back 80 tons of American poisoned corn back to the US and 649,5 tons of potatoes back to Israel
Russia sends 80 tons of poisoned corn back to the US

Rumsfeld promises there will be an attack!
U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has warned Asian nations that al Qaeda will strike the region again.

CLANCY: I sat in on—I was in the Pentagon in ‘01 for a red team operation and he came in and briefed us. And after the brief, I just thought, is he really on our side? Sorry.
'Deborah Norville Tonight' for June 3

Israeli occupation forces are using a brand new chemically contaminated ammunitions to finish off Palestinian resistance fighters, a Palestinian doctor unveiled
Israel Uses 'Chemical'
Ammo Against Palestinians - Doctor

Would You Mind?
This week's edition of The Economist asks an important question: Why are we spending so much time worrying about cloning and genetics, and so little time worrying about neuroscience, when the latter poses at least as much of a threat? And The Economist is right: cloning might produce a duplicate of Big Brother, but neuroscience might make us love Big Brother. And sooner than we think.
We can't really read minds yet. But new technologies in brain scanning promise far more effective lie detection, unlike the clumsy and ineffective polygraphs that law enforcement has used (largely as a tool of psychological manipulation, since they really don't work) for years. But what if they did? The ramifications of an effective lie detector are considerable. One that was really 100% effective, or something close to it, would have dramatic effects on the criminal trial process. Innocents would be freed, as the "unbelievable" alibis turned out to be true (they are, sometimes).

Friday, June 04, 2004

George W. Bush: Getting His Orders at Bilderberg? 

Bizarre Discovery Sparks Intense Investigation - PHILADELPHIA (KYW 1060) A bizarre finding in the shadow of Philadelphia City Hall on Wednesday morning has triggered an intense police investigation
The tapes were enclosed in plastic sandwich bags and paper airplanes - pointing to the tapes - were taped alongside the cassette recordings
Airliners about to take off from Philadelphia and Boston were searched Wednesday after a caller reported "an item" on an American Eagle plane preparing to take off for Boston
Police and the FBI hope that two audiotapes retrieved from bags found hanging on street-sign poles near City Hall yesterday will lend some clues as to who made them and why.

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11: Alex Jones Interviews Andreas Von Buelow
Please understand that this is a transcript made directly from a live radio interview. It may not conform to exeplary standards of grammar. Mr. Von Buelow's first language is German.

President George W. Bush center, former President Bill Clinton, left, and former President George H.W. Bush, right, chat on stage during the dedication ceremony of the National World War II Memorial Saturday, May 29, 2004
The Right & Left Illusion 1
The Right & Left Illusion 2

US navy plans `show of force' off oil-rich West Africa
A US navy battlegroup is to make a ``show of force'' in the oil-rich waters of the Gulf of Guinea, off west Africa, diplomats said Friday, as Washington hones plans to escape its dependence on unstable Middle Eastern supplies by securing more African crude

June 3, 2004 Manhattan, New York - Yesterday half a dozen skinned cats with blood and organs removed were found by construction workers atop a two-story brick building at 31-27 Thomson Avenue in Long Island City, Queens, New York
At this point, we've determined that the cats' bodies and some of their organs had been treated with a chemical designed to retard or delay decomposition - a chemical like formaldehyde. Also, some of their organs had latex ejected in them, which I also understand is a method to preserve organs.

Tenet's Resignation Substantiates Allegations Of Assassination Plot
Some observers are now privately predicting that Powell and Armitage will resign together next week

Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting today
Here is the partial guest list of the current meeting obtained by WorldNetDaily – which includes Senators John Edwards, D-N.C. and Jon Corzine, D-N.J., Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, Melinda Gates (wife of Bill Gates), David Rockefeller, Timothy F. Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Donald Graham, chairman and CEO of the Washington Post Company, and even Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition:

George W. Bush: Getting His Orders at Bilderberg?
The question remains -- will George Bush fly by or just drop in? Bush, like Bill Clinton in the year 2000, is travelling nearby this year. Tony Blair dropped in at Bilderberg 1998, although he was not mentioned in Bilderberg's post conference 'Press Release.'

Thousands of anti-war protesters have taken to the streets in Rome as US President George W Bush visits the Italian capital
Italy protests greet Bush visit

Meteor Was NOT A Hoax
Dramatic meteor over Seattle on June 3rd, 2004, at 02:40 hrs. (local).

Meteor Explosion Lights Up The Northwestern Skies
Bright flashes and sharp booms were reported in the skies over the Puget Sound area early Thursday, and aviation officials said a meteor may have been the source.

The U.S. House overwhelmingly defeated H.J. Res. 83, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States regarding the appointment of individuals to fill vacancies in the House of Representatives, by a vote of 63 yeas to 353 nays.
Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 219

San Francisco gallery owner attacked by right-wing thugs
In a serious assault on freedom of expression and democratic rights, Lori Haigh, the owner of Capobianco Gallery in North Beach, San Francisco, was spat on and knocked unconscious last week for exhibiting an artwork highlighting the torture of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. The assault came after two weeks of escalating threats by extreme right-wing elements

Nations Vow to Promote Renewable Energy
More than 150 nations pledged Friday to promote alternative energy sources "with a sense of urgency," closing a global conference marked by warnings about the vulnerability of world oil supplies to terrorism

California Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer intends to file a lawsuit accusing energy trader Enron Corp. of manipulating the state's electricity market during the 2000-01 energy crisis
Lockyer's office has been investigating Enron and other companies that traded power on California's wholesale market. State investigators contend that electricity prices were rigged, and they hope to convince federal regulators that California ratepayers are owed $9 billion in refunds

Maryland Election Officials Under Fire From Voters
San Francisco, CA—EFF has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a Maryland case that challenges the integrity of that state's electronic voting machines, which are manufactured by the troubled electronic voting machine company, Diebold Election Systems

Imperial America: Gore Vidal Reflects on the United States of Amnesia
Rush Transcript: In his latest book Imperial America: Reflections on the United States of Amnesia acclaimed author Gore Vidal writes that, "Not since the 1846 attack on Mexico in order to seize California has an American government been so nakedly predatory."

Together, those companies and (Yates Brothers) family members control 2.7 million acres of oil and gas leases on public lands across the continental United States, including more than 1 million acres in Wyoming, more than 800,000 acres in New Mexico and more than 500,000 in Nevada.
New Mexico Family Dominates Federal Oil and Gas Leasing

Polygraph Testing Starts at Pentagon in Chalabi Inquiry
Federal investigators have begun administering polygraph examinations to civilian employees at the Pentagon to determine who may have disclosed highly classified intelligence to Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi who authorities suspect turned the information over to Iran


Presidential Candidates Here (Not Skull and Bones)
Presidential Candidates Here (Not Skull and Bones)

The Final Moments of Flight 93
Presidential Candidates Here (Not Skull and Bones)

World Trade Center NYC World Trade Center Plane Crash and 911 Terrorist Attack Towers Collapse Disaster Information
Theanimation shows the velocity of the plume is clearly too fast for it to be merely a swirl of dust from the collapse of one of the towers. The towers are still standing. The direction of the plume movement is upwards and outwards from the area of building Seven.
WTC 9/11/01

Update: World Trade Center 7 Imploded by Silverstein, FDNY and Others
In a September 2002 PBS documentary called 'America Rebuilds,' Silverstein states, in reference to World Trade Center Building 7, "I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

Two Israeli citizens were detained in the US at Nuclear Fuel Services plant near Irwin, Tennessee. The local sheriff happened to pay attention to a truck parked near the plant. When the sheriff attempted to inspect the vehicle, the trespassers tried to run away at high speed and the sheriff had to chase them. A container with unknown substance was thrown out of the truck during the pursuit. Another incident happened a few days ago. On May 21, 2004 an alarm went off, and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay (located in Kings Bay, Georgia) was locked down
America in expectation of a major terrorist attack

Some 1,200 Israelis are deported from dozens of countries every year - including the United States, Japan, Britain and Spain - for working illegally, according to a study released Monday by the Israeli branch of England's Derby University
Report: 1,200 Israelis a year are deported from abroad

Federal agents have raided the U.S. branch of a large Saudi-based charity, founded in Northern Virginia by a nephew of Osama bin Laden, in connection with a terrorism-related investigation
The raid Friday on the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) in Alexandria was carried out by agents of the FBI

Tough Talk On Mideast Woes
("How many dead children is too many is a question often asked by Palestinians and Israelis,"

CIA- Israeli Mossad Directed Iraqi Rapes of Women
The new photographs released today of the depraved sexual abuse of Iraqi POW's by the US Military Police on orders of CIA and Israeli operatives at the Abu Ghraib prison still do not show the worst of the war crimes

Mossad Recruiting Via New Website
The Mossad – Israel’s clandestine secret service – is looking for a few good men and women

9/11 Families Outraged Hijacker-In-Training Was Let Go
Relatives of 9/11 victims are expressing outrage that the government didn't pursue a lead offered by a man who said he'd been trained as a hijacker for Osama bin Laden

WASHINGTON - Nabil al-Marabh, once imprisoned as the No. 27 man on the FBI's list of must-capture terror suspects, is free again
Al-Marabh "intended to martyr himself in an attack against the United States," an FBI agent wrote in December 2002. A footnote in al-Marabh's deportation ruling last year added, "The FBI has been unable to rule out the possibility that al-Marabh has engaged in terrorist activity or will do so if he is not removed from the United States."

September 11 Widow Is "Sick" For Suing The Government, According To The American Psychiatric Association
I listened to an interview with 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani on Friday's Democracy Now! radio/television program. Mariani is suing the Bush Administration over its failure to prevent the plain highjackings and crashings of September 11. What piqued my interest most was Mariani's reference to the campaign to convince people to start taking psychiatric drugs to cope with their grief after September 11. After she was asked by show co-host Juan Gonzalez about how she and other 9-11 families are coping with it, Mariani replied, "They feel devastated. They want answers. I want answers. A lot of them have confessed to me, and I don't condemn it...they're on medication. They've been on it for a long time since 9-11. I want to tell your people I am of sound mind. I would not take any medication. I was tricked into trying to be medicated and no thank you. I wanted to take this on head on in respect of my husband and all those precious young people who died in the buildings and all those other victims from 80 other countries, my sympathy goes for them."

Coup d'Etat in Washington and "The Dollar Paper Tiger
Coup within the Bush Coup

The Fact Behind the Fictions: the U.S. and Israel Plan Permanent Occupations
Special Report

NEW YORK (AP) -- If location is everything, as they say in the New York real estate market, Pale Male has the best of it -- a 12th-floor love nest with a posh Fifth Avenue address and a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline
There's also plenty of fast food in nearby Central Park, some of it not quite fast enough to escape the red-tailed hawk as he or his current mate, Lola, swoop in to pick up meals for their latest brood of three fledglings

NEW YORK -- Up to 10,000 third-graders could be held back this year because they did not pass citywide reading and math exams, according to test results released by the Department of Education.
Even though the city spent $8 million preparing for the exams, 11,700 of the 80,000 third-graders in New York City public schools failed one or both of the tests, the department said Thursday

Thursday, June 03, 2004

"the Federal Reserve is planning to destroy the U.S. economy" 

Former Maryland State Senator Tim Ferguson is warning "the Federal Reserve is planning to destroy the U.S. economy by printing the U.S. dollar in exponentially riskier quantities until it blows off the charts and crashes, and by easing credit and rates until the average individual and corporate debt loads are so enormous that the resulting massive distortions in the economy suddenly bring on an economic heart attack, leaving no possibility of a short or even medium-term recovery."

United Nations forces opened fire on protesters kill 7
Some 30,000 college students took to the streets across Kinshasa on Thursday, targeting UN peacekeeping forces in the country for what they said was the international body's failure tostop Wednesday's capture of the eastern border city of Bukavu by troops loyal to former rebel commanders.

Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name
Witnesses told a federal grand jury President George W. Bush knew about, and took no action to stop, the release of a covert CIA operative's name to a journalist in an attempt to discredit her husband, a critic of administration policy in Iraq.

BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh and Bin Laden
The Bilderberg group, an elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers, has been accused of fixing the fate of the world behind closed doors. As the organisation marks its 50th anniversary, rumours are more rife than ever

Bilderberg Participants 2004
The 52nd Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Stresa, Italy, 3-6 June 2004. The Conference will deal mainly with European American relations and in this context US Politics, Iraq, The Middle East., European Geopolitics, NATO, China, Economoic Problems and Energy

Pakistan's forgotten al-Qaeda nuclear link
A recent analysis by US nuclear experts David Albright and Holly Higgins found strong evidence that Pakistani nuclear scientists Sultan Mahmood and Abdul Majid "provided significant assistance to al-Qaeda's efforts to make radiation dispersal devices". Therein lies the most overlooked Pakistani threat - the knowledge in the heads of nuclear experts sympathetic to the jihad movement, and jihadi groups with weapons-of-mass-destruction ambitions such as LeT operating secure facilities and training camps in Pakistan with only the most minimal of restraints.

U.S. Told Saudis to Let Al-Qaida Gunmen Escape Says Official
The Saudi official said upon hearing hostages had been killed, US officials advised the Saudis that letting the militants go would avert a bigger catastrophe

...new evidence shows that the evacuation involved more than the departure of 142 Saudis on six charter flights that the commission is investigating. According to newly released documents, 160 Saudis left the United States on 55 flights immediately after 9/11 - making a total of about 300 people who left with the apparent approval of the Bush administration, far more than has been reported before
The Great Escape: 300 Saudis in 55 Planes

Don't forget, some of those Hijackers turned up alive after 9/11!!!

FLASHBACK: Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well - Sunday, 23 September, 2001
The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt - FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged on Thursday that the identity of several of the suicide hijackers is in doubt
PropMat:Hijackers Alive!?!
The world's media has reported that many of the so-called hijackers "fingered" by the FBI are still alive
FEMA deployed to NYC 9/10/01?

Enron Traders Caught on Tape: "He Just F---s California
When a forest fire shut down a major transmission line into California, cutting power supplies and raising prices, Enron energy traders celebrated, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports

Foreign central banks buy more U.S. debt - Fed
The Fed said its total holdings of Treasury and agency debt kept for overseas central banks rose $4.847 billion to $1.214 trillion in the week ending May 19, and that after a hefty $17 billion rise the week before. Custody holdings are now up $141.8 billion for the year so far

U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK - The estimated population of the United States is 294,210,537
so each citizen's share of this debt is $24,506.97

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.73 billion per day since September 30, 2003!

Patriot Missiles Aimed at Protesters at G8 Summit?
"You're about to hear the shocking words of Enron employees as the company was boldly ripping off the state of California and consumers high and low," Rather breathlessly announced.

American Marine "Ashamed" Of Iraq Experience - A Salute to Joe Darby, Sam Provance and Jim Massey
Ex-Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey talks about his time in Iraq where he admitted the U.S. treatment of Iraqi civilians is fueling the Iraqi resistance. In a recent interview he said "I felt like we were committing genocide in Iraq."
Army Reserve Specialist Joe Darby, Army Staff Sergeant Samuel Provance, and Marine Staff Sergeant Jim Massey are the kind of soldiers and marines we need to recruit in droves
Ever since his return home last April, U.S. Marine Jimmy Massey has had a hard time sleeping, feeling "ashamed" of involvement in killing no less than 30 Iraqi civilians during his one-month mission
The Marine's Tale:
'We Killed 30 Civilians In 6 Weeks. I Felt We Were Committing Genocide'

Bush's Pipedream! - President Bush today likened his resolve in his war on terror to that of Eisenhower on the eve of D-Day

Bush: war on terror 'like World War II'
President Bush today likened his resolve in his war on terror to that of Eisenhower on the eve of D-Day

No kidding?! U.S. has the highest rate of mental illness
Mental illnesses including anxiety disorders and depression are common and undertreated in many countries, both developed and developing, with the highest rate found in the United States, according to a study of 14 countries.

LA 'on the road to Falluja'?
The LA murder rate is going up and the police chief has requested more officers. But California is broke and cannot afford to recruit

We Have a Distributor! Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens June 25!
Also, I have posted the trailer for "Fahrenheit 9/11" so that you can get your first glimpse at scenes from the movie--you can check it out at www.fahrenheit911.com
Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer - www.fahrenheit911.com

Cops intercept innocent text message
A stunned punk rock fan was quizzed by police earlier after an innocent text message containing lyrics to a song by The Clash was intercepted by anti-terror police.

The lyrics in question from a song called Tommy Gun were: "How about this for Tommy Gun? OK - SO LET'S AGREE ABOUT THE PRICE AND MAKE IT ONE JET AIRLINER FOR TEN PRISONERS."

The man who plays in a Clash tribute band was said to be "bricking it".

The police accepted the man's explanation and eventually let him go, but this proves that GHCQ are actively monitoring all vocal and textual mobile phone traffic and nobody is safe.

The age of Big Brother is definitely upon us.

LA 'on the road to Falluja'?
The LA murder rate is going up and the police chief has requested more officers. But California is broke and cannot afford to recruit

Three Israeli border policemen were charged yesterday with abusing two Palestinian youths, including beating them up and forcing them to eat gravel and kiss their shoes
Nine other border policemen have been arrested on suspicion of stealing money and property from Palestinians. Sharmila Devi, Jerusalem

NSA's new Colorado data warehouse: a Library of Congress per day
The National Security Agency has doubled procurement spending since 2000 and will do so again by the end of this decade, according to Harry Gatanas, the organization's senior acquisition executive

Sibel Edmonds:The 9/11 Missing Link Is FBI's Whistleblower key to 9/11?
Sibel Deniz Edmonds is waiting for a June 14 court case which will determine if she can tell us all the full story about intelligence faliures over the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. government wants her knowledge to remain a state secret.

Sept. 11 Panel to Probe Failures of Air Defenses
The failure of the nation's air defense system to protect New York and Washington from suicide hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, will be the next focus of the national commission investigating the terrorist attacks.

Found: The 911 "Stand Down Order"?
Jim Hoffman has discovered a document which I believe may be very important to the 911 skeptic movement. This document superseded earlier DOD procedures for dealing with hijacked aircraft, and it requires that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is personally responsible for issuing intercept orders.

Who Authorized the Flights? Clarke Claims Responsibility
Richard Clarke, who served as President Bush's chief of counterterrorism, has claimed sole responsibility for approving flights of Saudi Arabian citizens, including members of Osama bin Laden's family, from the United States immediately after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001

Attack on the Liberty: Lifting the “Fog of War"
The bare bones are these: The intelligence ship Liberty, AGTR-5, on June 8, 1967 was describing a slow, dogleg pattern a little less than 13 miles off the Egyptian coast in the Eastern Mediterranean. Without warning, rocket-firing Israeli jets, followed after an interval by torpedo boats, pummeled her to near-death; 821 separate holes would later be counted in the scorched superstructure

Rogue Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11 False Flag Terror Attacks
Intelligence patterns monitored over the US Memorial Day weekend now point conclusively to an imminent new round of ABC (atomic-bacteriological-chemical) terror attacks in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and possibly other nations.

A New American Century? Iraq and the hidden euro-dollar wars
Despite the apparent swift U.S. military success in Iraq, the U.S. dollar has yet to benefit as safe haven currency. This is an unexpected development, as many currency traders had expected the dollar to strengthen on the news of a U.S. win. Capital is flowing out of the dollar, largely into the Euro.

Bosnia: Oil Discovered in Bosnia: Find Hushed Up for Years, Official Says
Four years ago, the Bulletin of Atomic Sciences described Azerbaijan as “…the focal point of the next round in the Great Game of Nations, a dangerous, hot-headed place with a Klondike of wealth beneath it. It is Bosnia with oil.

Department of Homeland Security Implements Information Exchange System for G-8 Summit Events
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as part of its Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) initiative, announced today the implementation of its internet-based counterterrorism communications system for use by homeland security officials, state and local leadership, and first responders during the G-8 Summit events at Sea Island, Georgia

State Of Emergency Allows Brunswick Police To Halt G8 Protests
A new city law in Brunswick gives police the power to halt protests during the G-8 summit now that the governor has declared a pre-emptive state of emergency in coastal Georgia through June 20.

The Secret Government - Part I
From The Archives: Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy

In his new exposé of the National Security Agency entitled Body of Secrets, author James Bamford highlights a set of proposals on Cuba by the Joint Chiefs of Staff codenamed OPERATION NORTHWOODS
This document, titled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba” was provided by the JCS to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962, as the key component of Northwoods. Written in response to a request from the Chief of the Cuba Project, Col. Edward Lansdale, the Top Secret memorandum describes U.S. plans to covertly engineer various pretexts that would justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba

What Is Evidence?
When it comes to our computers, the situation is far worse. Law enforcement officers often seize the computer of suspected wrongdoers to see what compromising material may have been retained. Our problem is almost all our computers have wire or wireless connection to the Web. We thus are subject to outsiders dumping things into our computers without our knowledge or, even worse, having our browsers hijacked and used by outsiders for committing a crime

Huge Navy deployment to test emergency plan
Seven aircraft carriers – more than half the nation's flattops – along with several dozen escort ships and about 40,000 sailors will be at sea starting this week for the first demonstration of the Navy's emergency deployment plan

Doctor microwaves cancer to death
“In treating cancers, especially liver cancers, destroying all the ‘enemies’ and protecting ‘ourselves’ as much as possible is equally important,” said Dong. “The advantage of the UMCTLC therapy lies in killing cancer cells in their normal position without damaging other parts of the liver. Compared with other methods, it’s time saving and can avoid the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.”

Boston Protester Faces Felony Charges For Protesting Abu Ghraib Abuse
A 21-year-old college student could spend years in jail on bomb threat charges after he stood silently outside a military recruitment office dressed like an Iraqi prisoner: in a black cape, hooded, wearing stereo wires hanging from his fingers. The police charged Joseph Previtera with making a bomb threat since the stereo wires resembled wires to a bomb.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Foreign central banks buy more U.S. debt - Fed
The Fed said its total holdings of Treasury and agency debt kept for overseas central banks rose $4.847 billion to $1.214 trillion in the week ending May 19, and that after a hefty $17 billion rise the week before. Custody holdings are now up $141.8 billion for the year so far

U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK - The estimated population of the United States is 294,210,537
so each citizen's share of this debt is $24,506.97

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.73 billion per day since September 30, 2003!

Patriot Missiles Aimed at Protesters at G8 Summit?
"You're about to hear the shocking words of Enron employees as the company was boldly ripping off the state of California and consumers high and low," Rather breathlessly announced.

American Marine "Ashamed" Of Iraq Experience - A Salute to Joe Darby, Sam Provance and Jim Massey
Ex-Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey talks about his time in Iraq where he admitted the U.S. treatment of Iraqi civilians is fueling the Iraqi resistance. In a recent interview he said "I felt like we were committing genocide in Iraq."
Army Reserve Specialist Joe Darby, Army Staff Sergeant Samuel Provance, and Marine Staff Sergeant Jim Massey are the kind of soldiers and marines we need to recruit in droves
Ever since his return home last April, U.S. Marine Jimmy Massey has had a hard time sleeping, feeling "ashamed" of involvement in killing no less than 30 Iraqi civilians during his one-month mission
The Marine's Tale:
'We Killed 30 Civilians In 6 Weeks. I Felt We Were Committing Genocide'

Bush's Pipedream! - President Bush today likened his resolve in his war on terror to that of Eisenhower on the eve of D-Day

Bush: war on terror 'like World War II'
President Bush today likened his resolve in his war on terror to that of Eisenhower on the eve of D-Day

No kidding?! U.S. has the highest rate of mental illness
Mental illnesses including anxiety disorders and depression are common and undertreated in many countries, both developed and developing, with the highest rate found in the United States, according to a study of 14 countries.

At CBS, Enron Trumps New Iraqi Gov't.
My family and I went over to Jekyll Island, GA, for our annual Memorial Day "vacation." Allegedly because of the G8 Summit being held in Sea Island (one of the adjacent islands), we noticed two groups of military personnel and equipment (vehicles, RADAR, possible missiles in one of the vehicles (alleged by a couple of family members...they theorized that they were Patriot missiles), razor wire, a tent or two, and florescent orange barriers: one in a parking lot of a beach and the other at the pier of the island

Is the Fed Preparing for a Catastrophe?
Is the Fed Preparing for a Catastrophe?

Brazil wants China and Russia to join a budding alliance of big emerging nations to counter U.S. and European dominance in global trade and politics
Brazil wants China, Russia in emerging power bloc

FBI In A Scramble To Find Stolen Propane Tankers
The theft of two full propane delivery trucks in San Antonio over the holiday weekend has federal officials worried. The F-B-I says it's ``very, very concerned'' about the whereabouts of the trucks -- citing fear of what might happen if the propane fell into the hands of terrorists

Homeland security agencies, military mobilize for G8 summit
The first of three upcoming special events will kick off next week with a major mobilization of multiple federal agencies, including an unprecedented military command structure

Israel looks set to pursue a compensation claim on behalf of Jews who left Iraq over 50 years ago, despite no such similar consideration for Palestinian refugees
Israel wants Iraq to pay compensation

Here Comes Inflation, The Cruelest Tax of All
You don’t have to pass a tax bill in Congress to raise people’s taxes, and George W. Bush

9/11 Sceptics Hold Inquiry
Washington's official version: that suicidal Islamic terrorists steered hijacked airliners into the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on Sep. 11, 2001 to the complete surprise of the U.S. military, whose members could not even have imagined the event, has come under considerable scrutiny from a variety of sources

Baghdad Burning
The weather is almost stifling now. The air is heavy and dry with heat. By early noon, it's almost too hot to go outside. For every two hours of electricity, we have four hours of no electricity in our area- and several other areas. The problem now is that the generators in many areas are starting to break down due to constant use and the bad quality of the fuel. It's a big problem and it promises to grow as the summer progresses

Reserves in Russia's sector of the Caspian Sea may total 4.5 billion tons (33 billion barrels) of oil equivalent, LUKoil, which controls almost all the fields there, said Wednesday
LUKoil: Reserves Are Huge in Russia's Sector of Caspian

"Russia submitted an application to join the Central Asian Cooperation Organization and we decided that Russia would join the CACO founding treaty,"
Russia: Yet another Central Asian state

US starts to think the unthinkable about Iraq
IRAQ:"There is no Plan B,"

"In other words, America will cede its authority to legislate and adjudicate based on sovereign law and will help pay the costs of other nations to implement anti-tobacco policy."

UK Laws Could Allow Hybrid Human-Animal Experiments
Britain could become the first country where scientists successfully create a human-animal hybrid, thanks to a legal loophole allowing such experiments

Kerry calls possible nuclear attack by terrorists the 'greatest threat' facing the U.S.
"If we secure all bomb-making materials, ensure that no new materials are produced for nuclear weapons, and end nuclear weapons programs in hostile states like North Korea and Iran, we will dramatically reduce the possibility of nuclear terrorism," he said. (What about Pakistan? Israel? China? Russia? etc.)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Elect, never appoint! NO on H.J. Res. 83 

Elect, never appoint! NO on H.J. Res. 83
The constitutional amendment, H.J. Res. 83, would fundamentally alter the nature of the U.S. House of Representatives. Our country's founders clearly intended the U.S. House to be the body of the national government closest to the people which is why members of the U.S. House have always been elected, never appointed
HJ 83 IH-Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States regarding the appointment of individuals to fill vacancies in the House of Representatives

A Warning or a Threat? Hart Says Heartland is a Target
Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart is alarmed after hearing this week's warnings of possible summer terror attacks by Al Qaeda operatives here in the United States

Twelve Questions for President Bush Meant to Help Strengthen His Remaining Speeches about Iraq
Twelve Questions

Saudi security forces 'agreed to let al-Qa'eda killers escape'
Witnesses said yesterday that the terrorists who killed 22 civilians in Saudi Arabia and took more than 40 people hostage were let out of the besieged compound by security forces in an apparent deal to avoid more people being killed

Monday, May 31, 2004

What happened on 9/11/01 at Cleveland Hopkins Airport? 

The Cleveland Airport Mystery 200 passengers got lost on 9/11
It appears, that the majority of 9/11 Researchers and the 9/11 family members, who lost their loved ones, have to compile a new list of questions about an airport, which didn't receive much attention yet: Cleveland Hopkins, Ohio. Among the disturbing new details are two flights, which apparently had been part of yet another "mirror flight" scenario. "Both" got grounded in Ohio. One of them was Delta1989, the other one was identified as, most shocking: "Flight 93"! But there are also many new questions about some "200 passengers" of that day

WTC911 - The 'Truss Theory':A Fantasy Concocted to Conceal a Demolition
In 1966, Robertson designed the structural elements of the WTC towers to withstand the impact of the largest airliner then in service, the Boeing 707

US vs. China Coming Soon!
China developing 'credible military options' to confront Taiwan, US warns

Cold Turkey by Kurt Vonnegut
Many years ago, I was so innocent I still considered it possible that we could become the humane and reasonable America so many members of my generation used to dream of. We dreamed of such an America during the Great Depression, when there were no jobs. And then we fought and often died for that dream during the Second World War, when there was no peace

New Draft Debate
Rangel, who voted against authorizing the war in Iraq, has proposed a universal draft -- one that would take both men and women, ages 18 to 26, and offers almost no exemptions. His intention: to spread the burden of fighting across all of society, rather than limiting it to those who now volunteer

Bets On 6-11?
Recently, a good friend said to me: George, they did 9-11, they did 3-11, now they have got to do 6-11!

Jailed - for showing dislike of US invaders
Hundreds of Iraqi prisoners were held in Abu Ghraib prison for long periods even though there was no evidence that they posed a security threat to US forces, a US Army report says

Alaska quake affected Yellowstone geysers: study
The magnitude 7.9 Denali fault earthquake in November 2002 was known to have triggered smaller quakes across much of the US west, but its effect on geysers was previously unknown, a team at the University of Utah said

VOTE BUSH OUT! urges that you pass this page on to your entire network - especially those stubborn fence sitters
99+ Reasons To...VOTE BUSH OUT!

Mordechai Vanunu has become something of a hero/martyr to peace and disarmament movements. A nuclear technician at Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor and plutonium reprocessing plant in the Negev desert, in 1986 Vanunu provided the London Sunday Times with evidence—including incriminating photos—that proved Israel was operating a thriving nuclear weapons program
Special topic: Mordechai Vanunu

Military’s rift with Rumsfeld
Tensions between the civilian leaders of the Pentagon, led by defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and the US military’s top brass have deepened amid the deteriorating situation in Iraq

Investment Opportunities in Homeland Defense and Security Conference
Top Ranked Investor Site for Stock Research

A portion of this conjecture appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, May 29, and remained among the ‘five top stories viewed online’ over the weekend. Here is the original text, plus amendments

The oil connection
The Saudi Arabian authorities made two pledges yesterday immediately after the conclusion of the terrorist attack in the eastern oil city of Khobar

Reservists See Recruiting Scam
"I've been hoodwinked into signing something I shouldn't have." Army reservist Eric Schmidt

Leaked papers warn of al-Qaeda support
Between 10,000 and 15,000 British Muslims "actively support" al-Qaeda or related groups, according to confidential government studies that seek to quantify the pool of potential Islamic terrorists in the UK

NYC: Recent reports show that the dust from the World Trade Center attacks is more toxic than researchers initially realized—and so is the range of health problems in those exposed to it
'Significant Adverse Effects'

The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 56
Bush-Kerry Scandal May Trigger 'Military Coup' And 'Overthrow of the U.S. Government'

UN in Net-governing move
The UN is considering plans that could affect the way the Internet is run worldwide. The secretary of the UN's new working group on Internet governance, Markus Kummer, made a presentation during the ITU Telecom Africa 2004 conference in Cairo earlier this month detailing its progress

Ralph Nader's Skeleton Closet
Ralph Nader has done a lot of good for consumers. He has also led attacks on such evils as Volkswagen cars, the American Automobile Association, whole milk, colored toilet paper, fluoridated water, and the Elvis stamp. Through it all he has manipulated the press brilliantly and built himself a comfortable and powerful niche without need for election, even within his own consumer groups

UQ Wire: The Red Herrings Of 9/11
Red Herring: Any diversion intended to distract attention from the main issue. Digression, diversion, deviation, deflection

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said Thursday that it was about to begin testing a new technology designed to help more closely monitor and assist the nation's homeless population. Under the pilot program, which grew out of a series of policy academies held in the last two years, homeless people in participating cities will be implanted with mandatory Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that social workers and police can use track their movements

Council Defies US Over Top Job Choice
The US governor of Iraq, Paul Bremer, and the UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, insisted the job should go to Adnan Pachachi, an 81-year-old former foreign minister. But the Iraqi governing council demanded that the largely ceremonial post should go to Sheikh Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawar, an Arab businessman in his 40s who has criticized the US-led occupation and who is the council's president

Sunday, May 30, 2004

The president's real goal in Iraq 

Among the architects of this would-be American Empire are a group of brilliant and powerful people who now hold key positions in the Bush administration: They envision the creation and enforcement of what they call a worldwide "Pax Americana," or American peace. But so far, the American people have not appreciated the true extent of that ambition
  • The official story on Iraq has never made sense. The connection that the Bush administration has tried to draw between Iraq and al-Qaida has always seemed contrived and artificial. In fact, it was hard to believe that smart people in the Bush administration would start a major war based on such flimsy evidence

  • But Iraq is just a stepping stone. Iran is next -- indeed, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the PNAC team say that Iran is "perhaps a far greater threat" to U.S. oil hegemony. Other nations will follow, including Russia and China. In one way or another -- by military means or economic dominance, by conquest, alliance or silent acquiescence -- they must all be brought to heel, forcibly prevented from "challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger regional or global role."
  • Not since "Mein Kampf" has a geopolitical punch been so blatantly telegraphed, years ahead of the blow

  • Two men, both Israeli citizens - Dogs alerted to explosives at gate; two detained by INS-Wednesday, May 26, 2004
  • NCIS detained the two men, both Israeli citizens, and turned them over to Immigration Naturalization Service in Savannah for further disposition and deportation. The men are identified as Tamir David Sasson, 24, and Daniel Henry Levy, 23, both of Metar, a settlement located outside of Beer-Sheva, Israel. One of the men was missing an I-94 form from his passport and both did not have work permits, according to an NCIS official

  • Israeli Movers In Sub Base Security Scare Freed
  • The two Israeli men in a moving van who tried to get past security officials at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base without proper identification last Friday will soon be released

  • The government is behind the expensive surveillance of two men suspected of having links to the Israeli secret service
  • Israeli suspects watched 24/7

  • From the Ranks to the Street
  • Nearly a fourth of the homeless are veterans. Reasons vary, but many fail to adjust to life's randomness after the order of military service

  • Cameras embedded in pavement markings -- used in U.S. for past three years
  • Its latest creation is an embedded stud equipped with a camera that catches speeders, monitors traffic for criminals or stolen cars and even checks for bald tires on the fly

  • In a Road That's All Eyes, the Driver Finds an Ally

  • Recent reports show that the dust from the World Trade Center attacks is more toxic than researchers initially realized—and so is the range of health problems in those exposed to it
  • Now Graham carries a bag full of medications around with him each day. He takes 17 different drugs for ailments ranging from asthma to chronic infections, and sees his doctor so often that he’s had to ask the receptionist to call and remind him of upcoming appointments so he can keep track

  • The choice of Iyad Allawi, closely linked to the CIA and formerly to MI6, as the Prime Minister of Iraq from 30 June will make it difficult for the US and Britain to persuade the rest of the world that he is capable of leading an independent government
  • Exiled Allawi was Responsible for 45-Minute WMD Claim

  • Seinfeld's $1M master of his W. Side garage
  • Now it's finally here - offering Seinfeld and his cars an air-conditioned home away from home just blocks from his Central Park West pad. According to thesmokinggun.com, the garage includes a "bachelor pad"-type room, with a plasma screen television and a pool table

  • Rumsfeld Says 'War on Terror' Just Beginning
  • The United States' declared war on terror is closer to the beginning than the end, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told graduates of the U.S. Military Academy on Saturday

  • Italian Authorities Braced for Protests During Bush Visit
  • The interior minister added: "I want it to be clear to everyone that we will make no room for violence. The state cannot allow violent, subversive people, national and international terrorists to interfere with the free political choice of the citizens, compromising the very democratic vitality of the country."

  • Amy Goodman and the CIA
  • We, the undersigned, would like to state that the recent (5/26/04) appearance of David Ray Griffin on Democracy Now! (DN) repudiates every principle of press freedom that you claim to represent. It was a shameful betrayal to the movements opposing the Bush() Regime around the globe

  • The New Pearl Harbor: A Debate On A New Book That Alleges The Bush Administration Was Behind The 9/11 Attacks

  • Pentagon: China expands military build-up
  • China expanded its aggressive military build-up last year with more sophisticated missiles, satellite-disrupting lasers and underground facilities, all aimed at winning a possible conflict with Taiwan and exerting power, according to a Pentagon report.

  • Conspiracy theories about how the kidnapped American died in Iraq are flying around the world. Richard Neville explores the explanations
  • Who killed Nick Berg?

  • Prodi wants Europe-wide vote on EU constitution
  • Romano Prodi, the president of the European Commission, has thrown Tony Blair's plans for a British referendum on the EU constitution into fresh confusion by calling for a Europe-wide vote on the treaty.

  • Navy to Deploy Carrier Groups to Test Rapid Readiness
  • While the Navy won't say where the seven carrier groups are going, the carriers not already deployed are expected to be gone for only one to two months

  • MSG - Slowly Poisoning America
  • MSG was in everything!

  • SF gallery owner becomes target after showcasing painting of Iraqi prisoner abuse
  • After displaying a painting of U.S. soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners, a San Francisco gallery owner bears a painful reminder of the nation's unresolved anguish over the incidents at Abu Ghraib -- a black eye and bloodied brow delivered by an unknown assailant who apparently objected to the art work

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