Saturday, May 29, 2004

Make your own NUKE with items found on open market 

"It was bigger than a breadbox and smaller than a dump truck, but they were able to get it in," Biden said in a recent speech. The scientists "explained how -- literally off the shelf, without doing anything illegal -- they actually constructed this device."
  • The relative ease with which U.S. scientists built a nuclear weapon illustrates the need to secure plutonium and highly enriched uranium scattered in armories and research sites around the world

  • Panel able to build nuke using items found on open market

  • Americans Broaden Concepts of Medicine
  • From Prayer to Massage Therapy, Treatments Expand

  • "Who's Sharing in Wal-Mart's Success?" Shareholders will ask the Company that Question at the Wal-Mart Annual Meeting on June 4 in Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • According to the 2004 proxy statement, Wal-Mart distributed nearly 14 million options to employees in 2003, with 13% going to the five highest paid officers, who are 0.00033% of the company's employees. All five are men

  • Kerry Vows to 'Destroy the Terrorists' (Why doesn't he start with Bush?)
  • Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry vowed Friday to ``destroy the terrorists'' and repair relations with allies to ensure that an international force in Iraq accelerates the withdrawal of U.S. troops

  • Kerry Calls for More Troops to Bolster U.S. Military
  • Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry called for increasing the U.S. military by 40,000 troops, probably for a decade, in order ``to match its new missions'' in the war on terror and homeland security

  • An earthquake has struck the border area between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which has been devastated by floods in recent days
  • The quake was reported at a magnitude of 4.4. There were no immediate reports of casualties

  • An Iranian provincial governor has died in a helicopter crash while flying to assess the damage caused by an earthquake in the north of the country
  • Crash mars Iran quake rescue bid

  • Preying On Human Cargo - The millions of illegal aliens working in the U.S. don't just happen into jobs. Middlemen make it their very lucrative business to put them there
  • In the U.S. there are an estimated 9 million to 11 million illegal immigrants from all over the world, according to a Central Intelligence Agency analysis of the 2000 Census

  • A group of drunken off-duty police officers forced American students to kneel on the ground at their Fremantle dormitory while taunting and humiliating them about the United States involvement in Iraq
  • Drunken police raid US students

  • Iraqi with MI6 links is new prime minister
  • A former Iraqi opposition leader believed to have close links with MI6 and other Western intelligence agencies was yesterday named as Iraq's new interim Prime Minister

  • U.S. agencies collect, examine personal data on Americans
  • Numerous federal government agencies are collecting and sifting through massive amounts of personal information, including credit reports, credit-card purchases and other financial data, posing new privacy concerns, according to the General Accounting Office (GAO)

  • Peel Regional Police - Israeli nationals charged in bank card skimming
  • The Peel Regional Police Fraud Bureau,with assistance from The 11 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau, arrested three men in relation to a bank card skimming operation that occurred at a
    HSBC automated banking machine located on The Chase in Mississauga

  • NFL - Pat Tillman probably was killed by friendly fire while leading his team of Army Rangers up a hill during a firefight in Afghanistan last month, the U.S. Army said Saturday
  • However, Afghan official contradicts U.S. reports American soldiers had come under enemy fire

  • Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005
  • There is pending legislation in the House and Senate (twin bills: S 89 and HR 163) which will time the program's initiation so the draft can begin at early as Spring 2005 -- just after the 2004 presidential election. The administration is quietly trying to get these bills passed now, while the public's attention is on the elections, so our action on this is needed immediately

  • Friday, May 28, 2004

    The Ruling Class is Smiling: Over 800 U.S. troops killed - Over 10,000 Iraqi Civilians killed 

    Will Bush the Beheader use terrorism to become America's Pinochet?
  • Augusto Pinochet seized absolute power in Chile on September 11, 1973. The US national security apparatus, including George H.W. Bush, used terrorism as an excuse to help Pinochet destroy what had been a constitutional democracy

  • Report: 1 of Every 75 U.S. Men in Prison
  • America's inmate population grew by 2.9 percent last year, to almost 2.1 million people, with one of every 75 men living in prison or jail

  • The official death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq reached 800 on Thursday during a month that ranks as the deadliest for National Guard and reserve troops since the war began
  • Nearly half of all U.S. combat deaths in May resulted from improvised explosive devices, remote-controlled bombs that since August have been the insurgency's weapon of choice in nearly half of all successful attacks on U.S. troops

  • Is U.S. being looted in Iraq?
  • As the United States spends billions of dollars to rebuild Iraq's civil and military infrastructure, there is increasing evidence that parts of sensitive military equipment, seemingly brand-new components for oil rigs and water plants and whole complexes of older buildings are leaving the country on the backs of flatbed trucks

  • On-the-ground Reality TV
  • On November 22, 2003, the 16th paragraph of an Associated Press story filed from Baghdad reported that troops from the U.S. Army's Fourth Infantry Division had arrested former Iraqi lieutenant general "Taha Hassan" "for alleged involvement in mortar attacks on police stations" in his hometown of Baquoba

  • Spars and Stripes
  • On May, 25 2004 Pacifica News reported on their daily news broadcast about the current orders being given to the police that will be responding to the G8 conference in Georgia this year

  • Opponents Predict Defeat for Central American Trade Deal
  • The Bush administration will sign the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) with five developing nations Friday, but opposition Democrats and civil society groups predict the deal will fail in Congress

  • We are told it will be a massive strike, big enough even to get the attention of Christians waiting to be "raptured." The targets could include the Democon and Republicon nominating conventions or other manifestations of American civilization and power. Both legs on the Hegelian dialectical bug – the left Communist media represented by people like Katie the Kook, and the right Communist Bush media represented by belligerent ignoramuses like Mike Savage – are now talking about it

  • Dark Side of the Moon is a HOAX documentary
  • It is ACTORS playing CIA, KGB, astronauts, and Nixon's secretary spliced together with clips of government officials

  • Police State is coming! Democratic White House challenger John Kerry accused US President George W. Bush on Wednesday of being more interested in election-year photo opportunities than providing funds to defend against another Sept. 11-type attack
  • John Kerry attacks Bush's record on counterterrorism

  • More importantly, the following Executive Order, signed in stealth, on Dec. 17, 2003 (during the holiday "alert") appears to give the SECRETARY OF DEFENSE -- i.e. Donald Rumsfeld -- "emergency" Presidential powers of all military Personnel affairs, deployment, status, promotions, appointments, retirings, assignments, etc., of all military personnel
  • Dec. 17th Exec Order Invoked Presidental Powers to Rumsfeld!

  • Fighter jets will return to city skies during the Republican National Convention this summer to protect New York City from terror attacks from above
  • F-15s from a National Guard unit in upstate Troy will provide air defense during the four-day gala — an event that along with the Democratic Convention, presidential election and July 4 weekend, federal officials say could be targeted by terrorists

  • Disney leading kids to hell? New book series W.I.T.C.H. pushes witchcraft, astrology
  • A new Disney book series for adolescent girls aptly named W.I.T.C.H. promotes witchcraft and magic, a development that adds to the arsenal of those who criticize the company for being anti-family

  • Terror warning surprises Homeland Security Dept.
  • The Homeland Security Department was surprised by the announcement Wednesday by Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller that a terrorist attack was increasingly likely in the coming months

  • Bush Plan Eyes Cuts for Schools, Veterans
  • The Bush administration has told officials who oversee federal education, domestic security, veterans and other programs to prepare preliminary 2006 budgets that would cut spending after the presidential election, according to White House documents

  • Baltimore-See why I left! - Two relatives arrested in slayings of three children in Baltimore
  • Two young relatives were arrested in the deaths of three children found slain, one of them decapitated, in a Baltimore apartment - At a news conference, police identified the suspects as Adan Espinosa Canela, 17, and Policarpio Espinosa, 22

  • Based on Senator John Kerry's Thursday speech laying out his vision for American foreign policy, most US voters would be hard pressed to find much difference between the challenger and the incumbent George W Bush
  • Analysis: Foreign policy lookalikes

  • In January 2002, official White House legal counsel Alberto Gonzales warned George W. Bush that he faced the possibility of execution under the U.S. War Crimes Act for the "new interrogation procedures" and other "flexible measures" he had authorized for the "war on terror," Newsweek reports
  • Global Eye Down by Law

  • Ex-Mideast Envoy Zinni Charges Neocons Pushed Iraq War To Benefit Israel
  • The simmering debate over the role of Jewish neoconservatives in drawing America into war in Iraq erupted with new fury this week. One of America's most respected ex-generals took to the airwaves to charge on CBS News' "60 Minutes" that the war had been fought for Israel's benefit, just days after a similar charge was leveled on the floor of the U.S. Senate

  • Let us stop focusing on Italian mobs! Russian Jewish NYC Jeweler Shot to Death on Sidewalk may have been a hit by the Russian mob
  • A gunman dressed in black shot Eduard Nektalov once in the back of the head and twice in the back on Thursday before disappearing into a crowd in midtown Manhattan's Diamond District

  • Nektalov and his father, Roman, were under indictment for allegedly helping Colombian drug dealers launder money-Nektalov was one of 11 NYC jewelers arrested last June for alleged involvement in a money laundering scam for Colombian drug dealers. According to Federal prosecutors, the suspects made ordinary daily objects such as belt buckles and wrenches from gold and painted them to dupe customs inspectors, as a way to smuggle drug profits out to Colombia

  • NYC Doormen Receive Anti-Terror Training
  • Anti-terrorism training began this week for 28,000 doormen, superintendents and porters in 3,500 apartment buildings around the city.

  • Poll: 76% of Israelis, Palestinians support two-state solution
  • According to survey of 40,000, majority of respondents from both sides want democratic Palestine and Israel to coexist.

  • As part of homeland security, Bellingham will be one of five cities nationwide to have surveillance planes. Officials have seen an increase in air smuggling with the increase of security on the ground
  • Background checks, random inspections and long waits, have all become standard since at the border crossing in Blaine ever since 9-11

  • The caretaker of a Pima County-owned ranch is being evicted for giving food and water to illegal immigrants
  • Richard Simpson has been told that his actions encourage illegal immigration and violate the terms of his contract with Pima County

  • Michael Spiller Finds Success Through Sex
  • Filmmaking didn’t strike Michael Spiller as a viable career when he was at SUNY Purchase’s film school. Now, 20 years later, the self-professed “migrant film worker” has had not one but two successful careers in filmmaking, as cinematographer and director. Spiller got his first big break when he shot The Unbelievable Truth, directed by his college buddy Hal Hartley

  • Thursday, May 27, 2004


    According to the Associated Press On May 25th John Ashcroft made a press release to the public about potential terrorist attacks that will be carried out this summer
  • On May, 25 2004 Pacifica News reported on their daily news broadcast about the current orders being given to the police that will be responding to the G8 conference in Georgia this year

  • The New York Police Department said it has not been advised that terrorists are in the United States actively plotting an attack, despite new reports on Wednesday of possible attacks in the coming months
  • "We are receiving highly sensitive intelligence information on a regular basis, including today, and there is nothing in that reporting to indicate a specific threat or looming attack against New York City,"

  • Ashcroft: LIAR and FAILURE rolled into one!
  • Transcript: Ashcroft, Mueller news conference


    At least two of the terrorists identified by John Ashcroft as part of an 'Al-Qaeda cell' that is waiting to attack America this summer are already in jail
  • Terrorists on Ashcroft's 'Wanted List' Already in Jail

  • Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005
  • There is pending legislation in the House and Senate (twin bills: S 89 and HR 163) which will time the program's initiation so the draft can begin at early as Spring 2005 -- just after the 2004 presidential election. The administration is quietly trying to get these bills passed now, while the public's attention is on the elections, so our action on this is needed immediately.

  • Nine months after Congress shut down a controversial Pentagon computer-surveillance program, the U.S. government continues to comb private records to sniff out suspicious activity, according to a congressional report obtained by Reuters
  • Overall, 36 of the government's 199 "data mining" efforts collect personal information from the private sector, a move experts say could violate civil liberties if left unchecked

  • Building 7, the Untold Story
  • Exposing the fraud of the government's story

  • Twin Towers Demolition
  • As Tower 2 began to collapse, a CBS helicopter reporter said that he saw a "secondary explosion" go off. As Tower 1 began to collapse, he said the same thing. To listen to the audio clips of him reporting it, please go to this page:

  • In the midst of the 1973 war, as defeat was imminent, Israel equipped their American supplied F-4 Phantoms with nuclear warheads.Golda Meir was said to have announced to Nixon that " America either airlift pilots and jets to save Israel or they would launch a nuclear attack on Syria and Egypt and others " ( USA ? )
  • Israel is prepared to use the " Samson Option"

  • At Least 50 Anomalies In Berg Videotape: Report
  • The Times reported this week the analysts’ suspicions that Berg could have been working for the American intelligence services or that the U.S. forces might have faked the video to cover up Berg’s death

  • Win Without War Calls for End of U.S. Occupation, Setting of Date for Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq
  • Fire Rumsfeld and Others, Let People of Iraq Govern Selves, Says Nation’s Largest Anti-War Coalition

  • Filmmaker Moore Says He Has Footage Of Berg Interview
  • Filmmaker Michael Moore, whose incendiary new documentary lambastes President Bush's handling of the war, said Thursday that he has footage unused in the film of Nicholas Berg, the American civilian later beheaded in Iraq

  • Poking holes in the official story of 9/11
  • Citizens can choose to buy the official line on the events of Sept. 11, 2001 — or they can ask questions about holes in that story as big as the crater at Ground Zero

  • Scientists prepare to turn fiction into fact with first full-face transplant
  • US scientists are preparing to perform the world's first full-face transplant. The 24-hour operation involves lifting an entire face from a dead donor - including nose cartilage, nerves and muscles - and transferring them to someone hideously disfigured by burns or other injuries

  • `Israeli-Palestinian Peace Enhancement Act of 2003
  • S. 1944

  • Search Bill Text 108th Congress

  • There's No Stopping The Offshore-Outsourcing Train
  • There's No Stopping The Offshore-Outsourcing Train

  • "Exporting America" transcript: 100,000 strong, first ever strike against outsourcing a success
  • In "Exporting America" tonight, a landmark settlement in the country's first strike that included the issue of overseas outsourcing. Early this morning, SBC Communications and union leaders agreed to work together to bring roughly 3,000 jobs back to the United States. Peter Viles reports

  • CalPERS finds its `Israel six' lost $308m
  • The six Israeli venture capital funds in which California state employee pension fund CalPERS is invested, lost a collective $308 million on paper in 2003 - about 40 percent of the capital they invested, including management fees

  • Iraq:'The Independent on Sunday' has uncovered proof of US troops deliberately and indiscriminately shooting civilians
  • 'Spray and slay': are American troops out of control in Iraq?


  • "A Department of Homeland Security pilot program taking place in Denver and Atlanta is trying to make it harder for aliens to skip out on court appearances and disappear,"

  • "On the Border" NOW with Bill Moyers
  • PBS Airdate: Friday 28 May 2004

  • Amnesty Slams "Bankrupt" Vision Of U.S. in Damning Rights Report
  • The United States has proved "bankrupt of vision and bereft of principle" in its fight against terrorism and invasion of Iraq

  • The numbers show that since the Sept. 11 attacks, lawmakers have provided $61 billion for U.S. military and reconstruction activity in Afghanistan, $119 billion for operations in Iraq, $10 billion for domestic military steps and $1 billion for other expenses such as rebuilding the damaged Pentagon
  • U.S. Has So Far Provided $191B for Wars

  • Amnesty International reports human rights abuses in the following countries in its 2004 annual report
  • Countries under scrutiny

  • US Marines Attack Haitian Singer's House, Put Her in Prison
  • US Marines Attack Haitian Singer's House, Put Her in Prison

  • Report: Israel may purchase two submarines from Germany (But where do they get the money?)
  • Israel also decided to purchase the submarines from Germany rather than from the U.S. because the Americans only manufacture nuclear powered submarines and the German submarines are powered by diesel fuel

  • State Of Emergency Allows Brunswick Police To Halt G8 Protests
  • A new city law in Brunswick gives police the power to halt protests during the G-8 summit now that the governor has declared a pre-emptive state of emergency in coastal Georgia through June 20

  • National Guard living in unprotected tents at Iraq base (So much for Supporting our Troops!)
  • Regular Army soldiers in Iraq sleep in fortified accommodations while National Guard troops are in unprotected tents and using filthy showers, according to e-mail messages from several North Carolina soldiers.

  • Impeachment by the People is currently looking for volunteers. We are looking for a wide range of volunteers to help handle tasks including but not limited to the following: heading online campaigns, maintaining the web site, writing commentary, designing flyers, and contacting media/organizations/officials. If you are interested, contact the IBTP staff(volunteer@ibtp.org). Please include any specific interests and skills you may have in the E-mail.
  • Impeachment by the People

  • They've brought America to its knees. They're a ruthless band of fundamentalist religious fanatics that respect no international laws and seem destined to cause only death, misery, and destruction
  • "A Shadow on the Land"

  • Big Bang Theory Busted By 33 Top Scientists
  • Our ideas about the history of the universe are dominated by big bang theory. But its dominance rests more on funding decisions than on the scientific method, according to Eric J Lerner, mathematician Michael Ibison of Earthtech.org, and dozens of other scientists from around the world

  • A group purporting to be part of Al Qaeda that claimed responsibility for the Madrid train bombings and warned of a looming attack on the United States seems to be a phantom organization, according to US intelligence officials and terrorism specialists
  • Officials:Grouptying self to blasts may not be real

  • Jacksonville Sheriff's officers say the city's criminals are so heavily armed that they must intensify their own defenses
  • JSO To Be Armed With Automatic Weapons, Tasers

  • Rumsfeld Admires War Criminal
  • But if Rumsfeld is going to adopt Grant as a role model or source of inspiration, he (and you) should be aware that Grant’s policies and actions included the following

  • Translator keeps blowing 9-11 whistle on FBI; U.S. Keeps shutting her up
  • Details of a Florida drug case may well shed light on the claims of an FBI translator who says the agency covered up evidence warning of the 9-11 attack.

  • At least three Israelis were being held by Panamanian authorities on Tuesday after pulling out toy plastic pistols during a commercial flight and shooting a plastic projectile at a passenger
  • Israelis arrested, drew toy guns during flight

  • Panama deports 3 Israelis arrested in air incident

  • Massive Illegal Immigration forcing black Americans to return to the South
  • Massive Illegal Immigration forcing black Americans to return to the South

  • Wednesday, May 26, 2004

    Bush Admin: Pentagon hit by missile Twin Towers controlled demolition 

    The New Pearl Harbor: A Debate On A New Book That Alleges The Bush Administration Was Behind The 9/11 Attacks
  • In a new book, well known theologian David Ray Griffin, alleges the Pentagon may have been hit by a missile on Sept. 11 and that the Twin Towers collapsed from a controlled explosion. In the nearly 3 years since the September 11th attacks, the US government’s official inquiry has come under increasing scrutiny, particularly from families of the victims.

  • Bush Ignores Sick 9/11 Firefighters & Cops
  • Over the last month, President Bush has repeatedly recounted how he was inspired by "the courage of the firefighters and the police"1 in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks

  • There are several postings on message boards suggesting that the digital watermarks on the Berg and Abu Ghraib videos are exactly the same. While at this point we have no concrete confirmation of this, it would fit with other examples of how the Berg execution and Abu Ghraib torture scenes are very similar. The contention is that Berg was killed by the US military as a staged psy-op to distract attention from the torture scandal, an execution blamed on 'CIArabs'
  • Digital Watermarks Prove Berg and Abuse Cameras Were the Same?

  • Ridge Cites Credible Threat of New Terror Attacks
  • The United States has "credible" information of new terror attacks in the country in the coming months, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said on Wednesday

  • Monday, May 24, 2004

    UN troops buy sex from teenage refugees in Congo camp 

    Teenage rape victims fleeing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being sexually exploited by the United Nations peace-keeping troops sent to the stop their suffering
  • The Independent has found that mothers as young as 13 - the victims of multiple rape by militiamen - can only secure enough food to survive in the sprawling refugee camp by routinely sleeping with UN peace-keepers

  • Our Globalist President Pushing For A Standing UN Army
  • Writing for The Washington Times, Bill Gertz reported, "The Pentagon and State Department are planning to set up a 75,000- member international peacekeeping force for Africa, senior Bush administration officials told Congress yesterday."

  • Christians look to form 'new nation' within U.S.
  • Calling the approval of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts "the straw that broke the camel's back," a group of Christian activists is in the beginning stages of an effort to have one state secede from the United States to become its own sovereign nation.

  • English Words and Western Voices Heard on Nick Berg Beheading Video
  • ATSNN has uncovered a shocking revelation contained in the audio portion of the Nick Berg beheading video. Listening closely, at the very end of the video when Berg's head is being held before the camera, you can hear background voices and whispers. One voice, however, is very clear. An American-sounding voice, speaking english.

  • Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts
  • But according to what both a leading surgical authority and a noted forensic death expert separately told Asia Times Online, the video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged.

  • Please Be Aware Of the Illuminati Agenda Before You Lose Faith In Your Country!
  • This can't be said enough: Please be aware of the whole picture of what is going on before you lose faith in your country and fill your mind with anger and disgust. This needs to be said, especially now after have seen the horrifying pictures from Iraq, where US and British soldiers are torturing Iraqi prisoners.

  • Permit or Not, Protesters Prepare for Republicans in New York
  • He relishes the idea, and it is just an idea, he says, of linking arms on streets around Madison Square Garden to block delegates and bring the Republican convention to a halt. Getting arrested for civil disobedience, if it comes to that, does not faze him.

  • What Have We Done? by Susan Sontag
  • For a long time - at least six decades - photographs have laid down the tracks of how important conflicts are judged and remembered.

  • Video Contradicts US Military, Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
  • A videotape shows a dozen white pickup trucks speeding through the desert, escorting a bridal car decorated with colorful ribbons. The bride wears a Western-style white bridal dress and veil. The camera captures her stepping out of the car but does not show a close-up.

  • 'Escaping' the US? Join the Exodus Nexus!
  • The Exodus Nexus

  • Sunday, May 23, 2004

    Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts 

    Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts
  • But according to what both a leading surgical authority and a noted forensic death expert separately told Asia Times Online, the video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged.

  • Berg decapitation video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison
  • There is now ample evidence that the video showing the decapitation of 26 year old Nicholas Berg of Philadelphia by purported Al queda members is a complete fraud. The real Nick Berg may or may not be dead, but the heavily edited video is nothing but a fake. This is the conclusion of La Voz de Aztlan after a frame by frame analysis and the conclusion of hundreds of film, medical and other experts world wide who downloaded, viewed and analyzed the video as well. Literally thousands of persons world wide requested the video, which is rapidly disappearing from the Internet, after our news service published "Nick Berg decapitation video declared a fraud by medical doctor" on Wednesday May 12 and which was linked by other independent news services on the World Wide Web.

  • The Black Death, which killed 23m people in the middle ages, could be lying dormant and could strike again, say researchers
  • "We believe this virus is merely lying in wait, ready to strike again,"

  • Paris airport roof collapse kills five
  • At least five people have been killed and three hurt after a roof collapsed at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

  • Kerry is related to King Harald
  • The Democrat’s president candidate John Kerry is related to King Harald of Norway, and according to one expert, royal relation ensures that he will win the election this fall

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