Saturday, May 15, 2004


911 Plot Uncovered
  • The Boeing 767, as it fires a missile into Tower 2

  • Subsidizing illegal immigration - American citizens & citizens who have legally immigrated will pay 3 times more for an education under a new law!
  • THIS year, nearly7,500 qualified California residents -- who would otherwise be entering California state universities as incoming freshmen -- are likely to be turned away for lack of funds. Meanwhile, approximately7,500 illegal immigrants will receive heavily subsidized university educations at a cost of between $45 million and $65 million annually at those same universities-Under this bizarre law, American citizens from other states pay more than three times as much as illegal aliens to attend California schools. An American citizen who moves to California from Arizona will pay $12,946 to attend the California State University. While she is waiting tables to pay her tuition costs, her taxes will be used to subsidize illegal immigrants who are paying only $2,776 to attend the same school...

  • Troops Get a Chance to Question Rumsfeld - Another asked whether it was true that the military would not pay their full air fare back home - One soldier asked when they would receive improved vests and better armor for the Humvees -(Support out troops-Support our troops? The people who put the troops their don't support our troops so they should bring them all home today! Hearing the troops questions how can anyone ever suggest that the government supports our troops? Fuck Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc. and every CEO that benefits from Billion dollar contracts in Iraq)
  • Yet another wanted to know why his military medical coverage wouldn't handle physical therapy for his handicapped child

  • Audio Discrepancies Suggest Berg Video Doctored
  • The video of Nicholas Berg that is circulating on the Internet is 100% doctored. One of the problems I found is as follows:

  • Two More VERY Suspicious Berg Video Anomalies
  • I am writing to you with utmost urgency. I find this Video of Nick Bergs Killing by alledged Arab terrorist groups most disconcerting for many untold facts and observations.

  • HRES 629 IH: Support the Congressional Resolution to Impeach Donald Rumsfeld
  • On May 6 Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives that would impeach Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for “high crimes and misdemeanors” as provided by the U.S. Constitution

  • HRES 629 IH - Resolved, That Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the Senate:108th CONGRESS 2d Session

  • Financial and political analysts have been predicting the demise of China's economic miracle for months now, but the latest policy shift by the Federal Reserve toward a more restrictive interest-rate posture has caused the alarm bells to ring from Hong Kong to Wall Street
  • Alarm bells ringing on bankrupt China

  • Santa Monica-based leading television software producer Greg Spotts is working on his directorial debut, "American Jobs", that takes an "empathetic look" at the costs of outsourcing.
  • "The film is about the loss of American jobs to foreign competition . It explores the loss of blue collar manufacturing jobs and white collar programming and engineering jobs,"

  • The mysteries surrounding the murder of Nicholas Berg multiply. There are a few mysteries that need to be cleared up
  • Who Had Custody of Nick Berg, and When?

  • Return of the CARA Monster - Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA)
  • The Get Outdoors Act is CARA. It is a massive land grab. It is a massive burden to tax payers. Its pretense of caring about obesity and public health is a lie. Issues come and issues go, but Congressmen with hair-brained ideas seem to plague us forever

  • John Kerry? These guys are all the same! Email Kerry and tell him you DO NOT support Request for $25 Billion and make it clear you'll only vote for him if he agrees to oull the troops out of Iraq!
  • John Kerry

  • There are 30,000 homeless and 1,000 evictions a month in San Francisco - certainly nothing compared with Jakarta, Karachi or Sao Paulo, but all the more striking because it's happening in California, the sixth-largest economy in the world, the wealthiest state of the unique hyperpower. "The logic of the American way is that if you fall, you go from Porsche owner to homeless in a month," says Lim.
  • The new beat generation

  • Statement from John Kerry on the Administration's Request for $25 Billion in Emergency Funding to Support the Troops
  • "I will support the Administration's request for emergency funds for our troops. The situation in Iraq has deteriorated far beyond what the Administration anticipated. This money is urgently needed, and it is completely focused on the needs of our troops. We must give our troops the equipment and support to carry out their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan."

  • Controversial movie maker Michael Moore has revealed he smuggled three camera crews into Iraq to film disillusioned US soldiers for his new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11
  • Moore smuggled film crew into Iraq

  • Totalitarian Democracy - A poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • The first trip abroad by an ignorant president
    The last free-running river The last gas and oil on earth

  • Federal government will pay National Guard at G-8
  • Questions over who would pick up the National Guard's bill jeopardized much of the money local governments were supposed to get for security

  • Palast has emerged as a Grand Inquisitor of corporate wrongdoers and their political lackeys, from Baghdad to Sacramento to Washington. Britain's Tribune Magazine called him: "The most important journalist of our time dominating journalism in two continents."

  • War will benefit Israel, Cheney tells Jews in Boca
  • ''There can be no compromise in this mission,'' Cheney said in a 25-minute address to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. ``Our enemy cannot be deterred, contained, appeased or negotiated with. It can only be destroyed.'

  • Bush, Cheney disclose vast fortunes Vice-president saved $88,000 through tax cuts he championed
  • Among the biggest investments of the two:

    -Bush's 633-hectare Texas ranch is valued at $1 million to $5 million and he has U.S. Treasury notes valued at $5 million to $8.7 million. The president also has certificates of deposits with banks around the country valued at $600,000 to $1.25 million.

    -Cheney has $15 million to $75 million salted away in tax-exempt bond funds and $2 million to $10 million in stocks that a global investment-management firm is handling for him.

  • Mossad Killers on the Loose in the USA
  • Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International

  • U.S. Supreme Court won't block same-sex marriage
  • It's full-steam ahead for homosexual marriage in Massachusetts next week, after the United States Supreme Court refused today to block America's first state-sanctioned same-sex ceremonies from taking place there

  • Now Asian firms are outsourcing work
  • Banks, airlines and telecom companies farm out information technology and backroom ops to stay competitive in the global marketplace

  • Eleven states trying to catch up to NJ in human manufacturing and trafficking
  • That story covered New Jersey's new law that explicitly encourages human cloning by redefining the word "cloning" and then banning only the redefined version of "cloning".

  • Other countries own 20% of mining rights on "public" U.S. land -- paid $5/acre
  • Companies in Canada and seven other foreign countries have obtained hard-rock mining rights on one-fifth of all current and former public land in the United States, according to an environmental group's analysis.

  • BLM oversees mining activity, including claims and patents on public land. Since 1994, Congress has barred new patent applications on public land but let older, "grandfathered" patents continue

  • 9/11 panel says too many documents are being stamped secret
  • Thomas Kean, chairman of the commission, said most of the secret documents he has reviewed for investigating the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, have been reports of hearsay or information publicly available elsewhere, and so weren't true secrets anyway

  • American Middle Class Shrinks as Mass Immigration Expands
  • "Mass legal and illegal immigration is fattening the rich, increasing the poor, and shrinking the middle," said Jack Martin, the study's author. "The American middle class, the primary social stabilizing unit in U.S. society, is being sacrificed on the altar of mass immigration," added Martin. "If immigration to the U.S. is not reduced soon, this undermining of the American middle class - arguably the economic and social backbone of this country - will inexorably continue," he added.

  • Friday, May 14, 2004

    Who killed Berg? 

    Amazing, chairs at Abu Abu Ghraib prison and the 'stage' of Nick Berg's execution are exactly the same. Berg worked at the Abu Ghraib shortly before his 'disappearance'.
  • MSNBC: During his time in Iraq, he struggled with the Arabic language and worked at night on a tower in Abu Ghraib, a site of repeated attacks on U.S. convoys and the location of the notorious prison where U.S. soldiers abused Iraqi inmates.

  • It's the same chair. Look at this pic that was released today of the latest prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison. Notice the white chair in the lower left corner. Now - look at the chair Nicholas Berg is sitting in!!
  • CIA/ Pentagon Psyops:Nick Berg Killed by Americans

  • Western Voice Heard On Nick Berg Videotape
  • Western Voice Heard On Nick Berg Videotape

  • Octavia Nasr debunks Washington's Al-Zarqawi & Al Qaeda claims in Berg Beheading Case
  • O'BRIEN: Interesting. All right, now one final thought here. You did a very careful translation of your own, of the statement. And in it, you see no reference to al Qaeda. And yet the official U.S. government translation does. Explain how that happened.

  • 15 Anomalies Surrounding Death Of Nick Berg
  • Arab linguists have said the man posing as the Jordanian Zaraqawi did not speak with a Jordanian dialect. Others have suggested the man reading the written statement may not have been a native speaker of Arabic

  • As the family of slain American Nicholas Berg gathered Friday for a private memorial service, new details emerged about his contact with FBI terrorism investigators after Sept. 11, as well as his final days in Iraq
  • Bizarre New Link In Berg Murder.

  • Given the incomprehensible jungle of information, the very first question, when viewing this video of an American civilian, N. Berg"s execution, should be whether it is even true
  • Could N. Berg's execution be fake?

  • Iraqi In Custody Tortured To Death
  • After the shock of the abuse photos, there's a worse new allegation against US troops. Spiegel TV has acquired written and oral documentation indicating that a 47 year old Iraqi was tortured to death in American custody. The Americans are alleged to have attempted to cover the case up.

  • Joseph Wilson: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity
  • Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson on the outting of his wife, CIA operative Valerie Plame; the Bush administration's lies on Iraq; character assassination; and his time as the acting ambassador to Iraq before the Gulf War when he met with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

  • Bremer tells Iraqi leaders US would leave Iraq if Iraqi government so requests
  • The U.S. governor of Iraqi told regional officials Friday that the United States would leave Iraq if requested to do so by the new Iraqi government although he thinks such a move is unlikely

  • Soul Plane - There are two schools of thought involved when trying to analyze a movie like Soul Plane - either you can see it as an hour and a half diversion of mindless laughs, or you can see it as the worst possible personification of what Hollywood thinks of Black people and what they'll pay to see. Naturally, being the Hata I am, I tend to lean towards the latter. It's hard not to, considering that this movie has about every possible stereotype of blacks out there covered.
  • Do yourself a favor and send Hollywood a message at the same time. Miss this flight. And if you happen to be in the barbershop and they're stupid enough to be playing a bootleg of the movie a month before it hits theaters (while there's a dozen kids watching intently), ask them to shut it off. Like I should have. Grade D+

  • Lobbyists Bankrolling Politics
  • More than 1,300 registered lobbyists have given slightly more than $1.8 million to President George W. Bush over the last six years, according to a Center for Public Integrity study comparing the donations of all registered lobbyists from 1998 through March 2004. Sen. John Kerry received $520,000 from 442 lobbyists during the same period

  • “She was having sex with numerous partners. It appeared to be consensual,”

    “There were several pictures of Iraqi women who were disrobed or putting their shirts up. “They were not smiling in the pictures, that’s for sure. But it didn’t look like they had been beaten or hurt.”

    US soldier 'photographed having sex'
  • A female soldier at the centre of the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal was photographed having sex with other military guards, sometimes in front of detainees, senators said today

  • “It was pretty disgusting, not what you’d expect from Americans,” said Senator Norm Coleman.

    Skeldon said worldwide mobile porn could grow into a $1.2 billion-a-year industry in 2008. That's not a huge number when compared with the $70 billion that people reportedly spend on porn worldwide.
  • The adult entertainment industry, which has netted billions of dollars through Internet pornography and gambling, is about to take on the wireless phone market.

  • Adult education: porn attracts serious pupils
  • Kole, 25, and 28-year-old Nikki Napoli then acted out a live sex scene. But the 30 students, who each paid more than $200 for the three-hour lecture, appeared more interested in what the blonde model told them about Web site design, product distribution and the porn business than what they were doing in front of the camera.

  • The Video Was Uploaded From London, Not Iraq
  • JackBlood.com Has Traced The Address Of ‘Islamic Website’ That Posted The Berg Decapitation Video To London, England.

  • Letter to President Bush: Inhumane Treatment of Prisoners Produces Blowbacks and Backlashes by Ralph Nader
  • Re: Inhumane treatment of prisoners produces blowbacks and backlashes

  • Did Freepers Kill Nick Berg?
  • A group claiming affiliation with Al Qaeda captured an American named Nick Berg, who had been looking for contract work in Iraq

  • 'Mover' is son of top Likud Official
  • THE leader of the two Israelis arrested after leading police on a high speed chase in a moving van last Saturday in rural Tennessee is the son of the spokesman for the Likud Party of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the MadCowMorningNews has learned.

  • Row over teenager's secret abortion
  • A major debate raged today over whether a 14-year-old girl should have been allowed to have an abortion without her mother being told.

  • Bilderberg Conference - George W Bush - just as Bill Clinton in the year 2000 is travelling nearby this year. Experience tells us he will almost certainly drop in for a chat with the oil and banking cartel people - not to mention the European royalty
  • Bilderberg Conference.

  • Rumsfeld snubbed on Iraq prison visit
  • US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit yesterday to the prison made notorious by photographed abuses of Iraqi detainees by US guards, giving a pep talk to troops and making a drive-by inspection.

  • Executioner wore gold ring - forbidden by Islam
  • Clues From Graphic Tape of Beheading Could Help Identify Killers

  • Marines Practice Urban Warfare Tactics in California
  • Marines are practicing Iraqi urban warfare tactics here at home

  • Get chipped, then charge without plastic — you are the card
  • Once implanted, you become your own credit card. Need to pay for a drink? Wave your implant near a reader, and you're done. VeriChip has dreams of going global with its "human implantable ID technology" — once implanted, you could wave a body part to pay for a burger at Wendy's, a beer at a baseball game, or whatever.

  • Outrage as KISS player mouths off on Muslims
  • KISS bass player Gene Simmons has caused an uproar among Australia's Muslim community by launching an attack on Islamic culture while in Melbourne

  • 9/11 Firefighter Observes: "The Building Collapsed to Dust"
  • "You have two hundred and ten story office buildings. You don't find a desk. You don't find a chair. You don't find a telephone, a computer. The biggest piece of a telephone I found was half of the keypad. The building collapsed to dust."

  • CHINA and the Middle East

  • Thursday, May 13, 2004

    America's Military Coup 

    Donald Rumsfeld has a new war on his hands - the U.S. officer corps has turned on the government
  • America's Military Coup

  • Cheney’s Rat Hole Described - Site R - Raven Rock - US Army 1111st Signal Battalion at Raven Rock
  • A hardened US military communications facility, Site R (Raven Rock) Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC), located beneath Raven Rock mountain, near Waynesboro, PA, the bunker used by Vice President Cheney during, and since, 9/11. Site R is the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) located in Raven Rock mountain [hence the name Site R] just over the Pennsylvania State Line near Waynesboro, Pa

  • Site R - Raven Rock - 6 Miles to Camp David
  • Site R - Raven Rock - 6 Miles to Camp David

  • Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC)
  • The initial concept for the Alternate Joint Communications Center was conceived in 1948. After 1949, the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear weapon in 1949, a high priority was established for the Joint Command Post to be placed in a protected location with close proximity to Washington, D.C. for swift relocation of the National Command Authorities and the Joint Communications Service

  • The DISA Site-R Computer Operations staff provides computer services to the NCA, the Joint Staff, the OSD and other DoD agencies through Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs)
  • Alternate National Military Command Center

  • Site R - Raven Rock - 6 Miles to Camp David
  • Camp David is located about 6 miles from Site R. There is surely a communications link between the two, and perhaps an underground tunnel for communications systems, servicing the systems and personnel. The link might be way of Ft Ritchie which supports Site R. Here is a map showing the three installations. To the right is what appears to be a fiber optic cable linking Site R to Thurmont, MD. There's a warning sign for the cable near a rear gate of Site R at the top of the red line

  • Corrupt use of World Bank funds may exceed $100 billion and while the institution has moved to combat the problem, more must be done, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee said on Thursday
  • He cited experts who calculated that between $26 billion and $130 billion of the money lent by the World Bank for development projects since 1946 has been misused. In 2003, the bank distributed $18.5 billion in developing countries.

  • Official Says War Budget to Exceed $50B
  • The remarks by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz's edged the administration toward critics' estimates that combat will cost closer to $75 billion in the budget year that starts Oct. 1. White House budget chief Joshua Bolten earlier this year had said that next year's spending would probably be $50 billion.

  • Rumsfeld approved 'harsh' interrogation
  • US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved the use of "harsh" interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay, including stripping detainees naked, making them hold "stress" positions and depriving them of sleep, a Pentagon official has confirmed.

  • Police thought beheaded man a spy
  • THE American beheaded by al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq had been arrested by local police on suspicion of spying, it was revealed last night.

  • India's Gandhi Sweeps Hindu Nationalists from Power
  • Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee resigned Thursday after a shock election defeat that paved the way for Italian-born Sonia Gandhi's Congress party to take power in the world's largest democracy.

  • Against The Law To Criticize Israel?
  • Scholars and journalists who for years have studied, written and talked about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict suddenly are facing a potential brick wall. This wall, not unlike the concrete barrier now being built by Israel to keep out the Palestinians, is designed to silence all discussion of Middle East issues that involves any form of criticism of Israel on any American university campus.

  • Octavia Nasr debunks Washington's Al-Zarqawi & Al Qaeda claims in Berg Beheading Case
  • From 9/11 to Nicholas Berg's beheading, there are Zionist finger prints all over these outrages.

  • Berg's Father and Firm Were on a Right-Wing Enemies List
  • The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

  • Rumsfeld concedes Iraq mission could fail
  • For the first time in public, a somber Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld raised the possibility Wednesday that the U.S. mission in Iraq could fail.

  • Blackmail Business - Part 4
  • US And Israel In A Real World.

  • Global War on Terrorism
  • Global War on Terrorism.

  • U.S. in secret Olympic operation
  • A secret Athens Olympics security operation involving several hundred U.S. troops has begun, the day after Greece's new conservative prime minister took the troubled Games under his personal wing.

  • Israel Moving Van
  • Israel Moving Van

  • For years, we've been taking the young and impressionable and training them to kill in the name of defense. When we want physical fitness combined with judgment, as with astronauts for instance, we pick older people. When we want people with more wisdom and experience, we generally pick people at least in their late twenties

  • "We've already had two prisoners die...but who cares? That's two less for me to worry about."
  • Long before the pictures taken inside Abu Ghraib circled the globe, there were warning signs that something had gone terribly wrong with the U.S.-run prison system in Iraq.

  • Supposed Ringleader of Berg Decapitation was Killed Months Ago

  • Cuba steps up military preparations fearing US invasion near
  • Cuba has stepped up military preparations fearing an invasion by the United States "is closer than ever," Cuba's ambassador to Honduras Alberto Gonzalez said Wednesday

  • Death of Nick Berg: Bush-Cheney-Pentagon PsyOps?
  • Who's responsible for dumping Nick Berg, an unarmed American Jew, wearing an orange jumpsuit (with a Star of David scrawled on his back)in the middle of hostile Arab territory?

  • Berg Decapitation Video Declared A Fraud By Doctor
  • The first casualty of war is the truth and this one has been no exception. La Voz de Aztlan obtained a copy of the video showing the beheading of American Nick Berg of Philadelphia and immediately something very odd was readily apparent. Not only were the purported screams of Nick Berg not in synchrony with the decapitation but their was also a total lack of blood spurting out as his jugular and other veins and arteries were being cut

  • Madrid suspect 'never went to Spain'
  • The wife of a US lawyer detained last week as a material witness to the Madrid train bombings said yesterday that her husband had never been to Spain and that a fingerprint found on a bag of detonators at a railway station therefore could not be his

  • Row over teenager's secret abortion
  • A major debate raged today over whether a 14-year-old girl should have been allowed to have an abortion without her mother being told.

  • Cold Turkey by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Many years ago, I was so innocent I still considered it possible that we could become the humane and reasonable America so many members of my generation used to dream of. We dreamed of such an America during the Great Depression, when there were no jobs. And then we fought and often died for that dream during the Second World War, when there was no peace

  • Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%
  • In the second half of the 20th century, the world became, quite literally, a darker place

  • New Israeli Moving Van Mystery
  • 'Learn to Fly in Florida' business card found on Israeli arrested after high speed chase in Tennessee

  • "It is unjust to compare a man with capital and intelligence, organization faculties, invention and knowledge with any gross, brutal workman who applies to his work only the unintelligent work of his hands."

  • The Baghdad Blog, a book based on an online diary written by an Iraqi man about life during the conflict there, is to be made into a film
  • Film deal for 'Baghdad blogger'

  • The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. The main purposes of this Programme are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations

  • Formed in 1962, "CODEX" was initially set up as a joint program of the WHO (World Health Org) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Its original mandate was to establish a "harmonized trade standard" to govern international sales of all food products all over the world, especially in Third World countries

  • Contents of vial linked to Israelis not a threat
  • A bottle that authorities say was tossed onto a Tennessee highway during a chase Saturday contained a latex stripper and an acid compound but didn't pose any threat of explosion, according to the FBI and authorities in Unicoi County.

  • Wednesday, May 12, 2004

    SADDAM BACK IN POWER. Is it possible? 

    Saddam Hussein and top officials of his former regime will be handed over to the Iraqis before the handover of power


    What if Iraq acquits Saddam? Spokesman says he doesn't 'see that scenario happening'
  • At today's White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about the fate of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

  • WND: So could you tell us, as one of the president's top media advisers, what you believe will be the national reaction if the Iraqi court acquits Saddam Hussein?

    McCLELLAN: I just don't see that scenario happening, Les.

    WND: You don't see it, but it's a possibility, isn't it? Isn't that true?

    McCLELLAN: I don't see that happening, Les.

    The grisly execution of Nick Berg is the latest nightmarish vision brought to the world by US imperialism's criminal and barbaric invasion of Iraq
  • Every pint of blood spilled in that tortured country--Iraqi, American, British, Japanese, Polish and every other government dragooned into this crime--flows directly or indirectly from the White House

  • Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading
  • U.S. spokesman says decapitated American was never held by U.S. forces

  • Berg Time Line
  • Berg Time Line

  • Spike Lee: Rumsfeld a 'gangster'-'Surprised' that Bush administration hasn't killed Michael Moore
  • In a Seattle lecture, filmmaker Spike Lee took aim at the Bush administration, calling Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld a "gangster" and expressing surprise the adminstration hasn't killed Michael Moore for his new documentary linking the president's family to Osama bin Laden's clan

  • Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects in the skies over southern Campeche state, a Defense Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday
  • Mexican A.F. Pilots Film 'UFOs'

  • It may be, if the draft is reinstated as some in Congress suggest. The challenge: Would all share in the burden?
  • Is your number up?

  • Who is John Israel?
  • He could be one of the secret masterminds behind the Abu Ghraib outrage

  • A Time for Truth by Patrick J. Buchanan
  • Bush's "world democratic revolution" is history

  • They are safety engineers at nuclear power plants and biological weapons experts. They work at NATO headquarters, at the Pentagon and at nearly every other federal agency. And, as CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, they're employees with degrees from phony schools
  • Top Officials Hold Fake Degrees

  • Dollar Declines After U.S. Trade Deficit Widens to a Record
  • The dollar fell against the euro for a second day in three in New York after the U.S. trade deficit widened to a record $46 billion in March.

  • Helicopter Gunships Firing at Will
  • It appears that helicopter gunships over southern Gaza have been given the green light to fire at any armed persons spotted below, not requiring them to request permission to open fire in each case as is the general directive.

  • Israel's Failed Assassination Attempt On US Ambassador
  • Had Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence organization, succeeded, it would have been the perfect crime - the crime of the century. The plan was breathtaking in concept: to assassinate the American ambassador to Lebanon, in Lebanon, with American weapons, intended for Israeliís defense only. Everything about it would point to Lebanon as the culprit.

  • Israeli navy said firing into Gaza City
  • An Israeli gunboat fired a shell into a sparsely populated Gaza City neighborhood near Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's abandoned local headquarters Wednesday, Palestinian witnesses said, causing neither injuries nor damage.

  • Controversial director Michael Moore may have found a distributor for his new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 despite Disney banning Miramax from releasing it - the Weinstein brothers themselves
  • Moore Eyes New US Distributor

  • Kissinger could be next target
  • LAWSUITS against former Daily Telegraph boss Lord Black and his ex-colleagues at the scandal-ridden Hollinger group could be extended to its non-executive directors headed by one-time US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

  • The Pentagon puts the kibosh on its own newspaper
  • Last summer, as major combat operations in Iraq gave way to a wearying occupation effort, the military newspaper Stars & Stripes began to receive scores upon scores of letters from American troops complaining about conditions in-theater.

  • Tuesday, May 11, 2004

    'Learn to Fly in Florida'  

    'Learn to Fly in Florida' business card found on Israeli arrested after high speed chase in Tennessee
  • Two Israelis driving a moving van were arrested in Tennessee last Saturday after leading police on a high-speed chase, marking at least the third time since 9/11 that Israelis in moving vans suspected of espionage in the U.S. have been taken into custody-Once the men were apprehended, officers also found a "Learn to Fly" brochure in the truck, leading Harris and others to express concern about security at the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin

  • Israelis arrested in New Zealand released on bail
  • Two Israelis arrested in New Zealand on suspicion of being Mossad agents will have to appear again in court in Auckland, according to a report by the New Zealand Herald

  • Rabbis express unprecedented criticism of American evangelical support for Israel
  • Prominent Israeli rabbis are for the first time speaking out against Israel's profitable alliance with evangelical Christians in the United States who have funneled tens of millions of dollars to the Jewish state

  • Video Seems to Show Beheading of American
  • A video posted Tuesday on an Islamic militant Web site appeared to show a group affiliated with al-Qaida beheading an American in Iraq, saying the death was revenge for the prisoner-abuse scandal.

  • Australian soldiers facing dimissal for torturing kittens
  • Three other kittens were then thrown one by one on to the road, where fuel was poured over them and they were set alight and burnt to death

  • An Army reservist who was photographed smiling and pointing at naked, bound Iraqi prisoners had been ordered to pose because her presence would be especially humiliating to the men, her attorneys said
  • Lawyer: Female MP Ordered to Pose for Photos

  • Iran sternly warns Israel against attacking its nuclear sites
  • "Israel knows our reaction, and knows that we would answer with a full hand," he said. "They are aware of our abilities and power, Israel knows that we would not tolerate it, and it will get a very decisive reply."

  • "Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the Treatment by the Coalition Forces of Prisoners of War and Other Protected Persons by the Geneva Conventions in Iraq During Arrest, Internment and Interrogation".

  • Federal agents investigating two Israeli men charged with eluding Tennessee authorities found only furniture in searching a storage unit in Madison County Monday, according to the Unicoi County, Tenn., sheriff
  • Chase suspects held without bond

  • Did Saudi Investors Pressure Disney To Drop Michael Moore's New Film on 9/11?
  • Disney has been widely criticized for barring its subsidiary Miramax from distributing Fahrenheit 911, Moore's new documentary examining 9/11 and the ties between the Bushes and the Bin Ladens

  • Builders 'planted bomb that killed Chechen leader'
  • His son Ramzan, the thuggish leader of a widely feared private army, was one of the pallbearers and later was appointed Chechnya's deputy prime minister-makes people disappear!

  • Russia denies connection with Doha death of ex-Chechen president
  • Russia's spy agency Friday denied Chechen rebel accusations that it was involved in the death of the war-torn republic's former president Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev after he was killed in a car bombing in Qatar

  • Unbelieveable! We’ve been getting more letters critical of President Bush than those that support him. We’re not sure why, nor do we want to guess. But in today’s increasingly polarized political environment, we would prefer our offering to put forward a better sense of balance
  • Editorial:Anotherswing at the plate on letters to the editor

  • Fifty years on, segregation still blights US schools
  • In May 1954, American schools were ordered to teach black and white students together. One pupil who was at the sharp end now asks: was it worth it? Tracy McVeigh reports

  • FBI Agent Was Prevented From Relaying Warning on 9/11 Hijackers
  • More than a year before 9/11, CIA officials prevented an FBI agent working with the CIA from passing vital information to his agency on two suspected al Qaeda members — men who later would become Sept. 11 hijackers.

  • Israel's assassination of top Palestinian military and political leaders could have been more difficult without the help of Palestinian informers. The issue of collaborators is becoming a daily debate within Palestinian society
  • Palestinians Who Help the Israelis Kill

  • Palestinians and Israelis demonstrating together
  • Biddu: The struggle against the wall

  • Israel's population on Independence Day is 6.8 million
  • On the eve of Independence Day, Israel's population stands at 6,780,000, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. Of these, about 81 percent are Jewish - 5,180,000 are registered as Jews and 290,000 are immigrants who are not registered as Jews with the Interior Ministry - and 19 percent of the population is Arab

  • 18.5% of Israeli families live in poverty
  • 340,000 families now live in poverty

  • There are no less than 291,000 jobless Israelis

  • 5 Reasons to Stop US Military Aid to Israel
  • 5 Reasons to Stop US Military Aid to Israel

  • Monday, May 10, 2004

    Israeli men "fuel source" high-speed chase FBI? 

    Two Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee
  • Shmuel Dahan and Almaliach Naor, both from Israel, were being held without bond Sunday afternoon at the Unicoi County Jail. The truck, rented from a Ryder office in Mars Hills, N.C., was being held in the county garage pending an FBI investigation, officials said

  • Google:Two Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee

  • REPOST: 60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept. 11
  • Government Calls Several Cases 'of Special Interest,' Meaning Related to Post-Attacks Investigation

  • A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11. Police received several calls from angry New Jersey residents claiming “middle-eastern” men with a white van were videotaping the disaster with shouts of joy and mockery

  • American police arrested two Israelis in the state of Washington after traces of explosives were found in the moving truck they were traveling in, Israel Radio reported Tuesday morning

  • A Budget truck was pulled over in Oak Harbor, Washington, last Tuesday
    near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and found to have traces of
    TNT on the gearshift and traces of RDX plastic explosive on the steering
    wheel, Fox News has learned

  • REPOST: Armed with Bombs in Mexican Congress 2 Israelis Arrested Wednesday
  • The Attorney General is investigating and interrogating two Israelis (one already a nationalized Mexican) who were detained in the House of Representatives Wednesday with two 9mm pistols, nine grenades, explosives, three detonators and 58 bullets, to determine if they belong to any group connected with terrorists or subversive groups

  • REPOST: Millions saw the horrific images of the World Trade Center attacks, and those who saw them won't forget them. But a New Jersey homemaker saw something that morning that prompted an investigation into five young Israelis and their possible connection to Israeli intelligence
  • Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

  • U.S Financial Aid To Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact Summary
  • THE STRATEGIC FUNCTIONS OF U.S. AID TO ISRAEL - U.S. Aid to Israel: What U.S. Taxpayer Should Know

  • Israeli link possible in US torture techniques
  • The head of the American defense contracting firm implicated in the torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison has close ties to Israel and visited an Israeli "anti-terror" training camp in the occupied West Bank earlier this year

  • The Israeli Torture Template
  • Rape, Feces and Urine-Dipped Cloth Sacks

  • REPOST: Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations
  • Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International


  • REPOST: The_U.S._and_Israel
  • A regrettably large portion of the American population seems to be under the illusion that the U.S.-Israeli alliance is based on a mutual commitment to democratic values and a struggle against ‘terror.’ Few care to acquire a deeper understanding of this very significant relationship. The following section provides a brief discussion of the historic and present role of this relationship and a moderately detailed survey of U.S. ‘aid’ to Israel. It has not been updated since July 4, 2002

  • The 9-11 Commission, according to its own website, is "an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional legislation and the signature of President George W Bush in late 2002". The commission is "chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks"
  • Part 1: 'Independent' commission

  • If the 9-11 Commission is really looking for a smoking gun, it should look no further than at Lieutenant-General Mahmoud Ahmad, the director of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) at the time
  • Part 2: A real smoking gun

  • Forget The Trial Get The Rope: Bush Approved The Torture!!!
  • While the shutter captured the gruesome horror in graphic detail, it missed capturing the full scope of the incident, as did CBS. This was not an isolated incident. It was not the result of a few rogues. Rather this incident was the result of careful long-term planning. In fact Bush and every other high official of this administration approved of the torture and we have their own words on that.

  • Red Cross Was Told Iraq Abuse 'Part of the Process'
  • The Red Cross saw U.S. troops keeping Iraqi prisoners naked for days in darkness at the Abu Ghraib jail in October, and was told by the intelligence officer in charge it was "part of the process," a leaked report said on Monday

  • Army running out of ammo, seeks bullets from foreigners
  • "The hope is to get it from the U.S., but worldwide suppliers are out there that provide this and it might not be totally available in the U.S.," said Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Butler, Army product manager for small- and medium-caliber ammunition.

  • Breaking News on Rush We had to Print
  • Breaking News on Rush We had to Print

  • Military Personnel: Don't Read This!
  • How a Pentagon email sought to contain the prison abuse scandal

  • Diebold finds e-voting business stormy
  • After the Florida punch-card debacle hurt the credibility of the last presidential election, ATM maker Diebold decided it should expand into electronic voting. But Diebold has yet to realize large rewards for its shift into electronic voting.

  • Super-rich gunning for Bush
  • WHEN George W Bush decided to gift the rich of America a tax break it probably never crossed his mind he would be stoking the fires of a vociferous campaign by some of the wealthiest businessmen in the land to remove him from the White House

  • Rumsfeld Criticized by Influential Military Paper
  • The independent Army Times newspaper, read widely in the U.S. military, on Monday suggested Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top Pentagon civilian and military leaders should be removed over the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal

  • India, Pak won't be accepted as nuclear weapon states: US
  • The United States has ruled out the possibility of accepting India and Pakistan as nuclear weapon states. Washington is sticking to its stand that the two countries as well as Israel should sign the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) as non-nuclear weapon states

  • U.S. stock markets remained deep in the red in late trade Monday, abandoning a midday attempt to stem losses, as investors continued to worry about how interest rates will impact stock valuations and the economic recovery
  • Rate fears pummel stocks

  • Seymour Hersh: Knowledge of Prisoner Abuse Investigation "Severely and Unusually Restricted"
  • The US military announced this weekend that it would begin its first court martial in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal since graphic images of US personnel abusing Iraqi prisoners were first broadcast April 28th

  • The Mermaid Parade is a completely original creation that is that nation's largest art parade and one of New York City's greatest summer events. Founded in 1983 by Coney Island USA, the not-for-profit arts organization that also produces the Coney island Circus Sideshow, the Mermaid Parade pays homage to Coney Island's forgotten Mardi Gras which lasted from 1903 to 1954, and draws from a host of other sources resulting in a wonderful and wacky event that is unique to Coney Island

  • "Cancer village" in spotlight
  • With scores of sick farmers and 20 already dead, a village some 300 kilometres northeast of Nanjing has become known as the "cancer village" of Jiangsu Province

  • BinLaden group to build world's tallest skysraper
  • Osama bin Laden's family business is on the short list of contractors bidding to build the world's tallest skyscraper

  • 2003: Saudis buy foothold in Net voting Election.com sells controlling interest to unnamed Arab investors
  • If the U.S. Congress approves a pending bill that would give state and local election agencies billions of dollars for new voting technologies, it could provide a boost for unknown Saudi Arabian investors who recently bought a controlling interest in Election.com.

  • REPOST: 2002 Saudi threat to withdraw billions in US investments
  • Saudi investors have $750 billion in the US. A mass walkout would seriously impede the US's attempts to pull away from recession-Fifteen of the 19 hijackers involved in the September assaults have been identified as Saudi, though the government has repeatedly denied any involvement

  • 2003: Saudi Arabia's overall commercial relationship with the United States
  • Stakes and Stakeholders in the U.S.-Saudi Commercial Relationship

  • Saudis Buying Academic Friends, et. al.
  • The Saudis are on another academic shopping spree in the USA. Martin Kramer's expose is timely and important; and his suggestion on how to deal with this approach to buying universities' silence is first-rate

  • Saudi Prince on Academic Shopping Spree

  • Sunday, May 09, 2004


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