Saturday, February 28, 2004

The People's Enemy! - Billionaire ranks are thriving 

The People's Enemy! - Billionaire ranks are thriving
  • Forbes' annual survey finds more of them than ever, richer than ever. And the richest man on the planet even has some competition

  • The billionaires list

  • A Mother's Journey
  • Bound for Baghdad

  • Mother Speak
  • Mother Speak

  • The Rumsfeld-Bush Legal Black Hole
  • Powers Formerly Reserved Only for Kings

  • Martial Law and Canada's Bill C-17
  • After 2 previous attempts at passing the worst of the Draconian War of Terror legislation in Canada, the government has reintroduced Bill C-17

  • The Dark Family History of John F. Kerry
  • More info on Kerry to consider

  • Iranian Radio Reports Bin Laden Captured, US Denies
  • U.S., Pakistan Deny Bin Laden Was Captured

  • FBI head Mueller orders reopening of OKC bombing case
  • Todays surprise announcement by Robert Meuller Director of the FBI that a review of allegedly suppressed evidence brought to light by the Associated Press earliar this week raises the spectre of unknown accomplices in the bombing

  • CNN's Lou Dobbs posted a list of over 150 major U.S. companies that are leading the outsourcing boom
  • One of the very few network programs that have challenged the reigning wisdom on trade and immigration policies, with Dobbs’ regular reports on the social and economic impact of illegal immigration and his "Exporting America" series

  • Stop The FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas

  • Kucinich Demands Greenspan Resign
  • Congressman Kucinich yesterday renewed his demand for the Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan to resign when Greenspan testified that Social Security benefits should be cut to deal with the deficit. Kucinich believes ordinary Americans and future generations shouldn't carry the burden of tax cuts for the rich

  • Progressives Should Vote Kucinich
  • Dennis Kucinich is the one candidate for President whose vision, eloquence and commitments on the issues can lead us to rise to and surmount the worldwide crises precipitated by the Bush Administration


    President Bush, claiming an election-year victory in the government's battle against illegal drug use, pledged more money on Saturday for faith-based treatment programs and schools that randomly test teenagers for drugs
  • Bush Touts Drug-Testing and Faith-Based Treatment

  • US: Congress approves school voucher plan for nation’s capital
  • The federal approval of the D.C. voucher plan is an aggressive assault on the nation’s public schools. It will drain desperately needed funds from the public school system as well as undermine the constitutionally protected separation of church and state

  • US Prison Labor - "It's causing companies to lay off employees and, in some cases, to shut down."
  • Barring Prison Labor-A group of small-business owners is taking on Federal Prison Industries, the government-run business that sells the fruits of prison labor back to Uncle Sam

  • Bush or Kerry, the Police State is here to stay!
  • Kerry lays out plan on terror


  • Impeach Bush Resources
  • Impeach Bush Resources

  • Crisis (of Confidence) Management Diebold Election Systems has launched a five-year, $1 million "outreach campaign" to educate Maryland residents about its voting machines
  • "The money would be better spent making the system more secure instead of trying to win voter confidence through public relations"

  • Rebel leader Guy Philippe follows US orders to delay attack on Capital
  • President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said he wouldn't step down, even as United States pushed him to cede power

  • Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels
  • Our mission: To make the call for impeachment visible in every community and neighborhood and throughout the country

  • Kerry says U.S. fueled conflict in Haiti
  • John Kerry is pointing to the worsening crisis in Haiti as an example of failed Bush administration foreign policy

  • The business climate in California is so poor that 40 percent of the companies questioned in a report say they will move jobs out of state
  • Report: 40% of firms to move jobs from state

  • Loss of good jobs hits Montanans hard
  • On top of the unprecedented job loss and unfair trade policies, Bush wants to strip overtime pay from as many as eight million workers. And the administration has not supported any increase in the minimum wage, now worth 24 percent less than in 1979

  • The Labor Department said 350,000 people filed new claims for state unemployment benefits in the week ended Feb. 21, compared with 344,000 the prior week
  • Jobless claims edge up

  • Russia says air force out of decade-old tailspin, ready to strike
  • Russia's air force chief told dozens of international military attaches Friday that his force was for the first time getting the funding it needed to rapidly strike anywhere around the globe

  • The EU has admitted that its relations with Russia are now at an all-time low. In an exclusive analysis Foreign Report reveals the latest developments
  • Europe's Russian headache

  • Integration within Eurasian Economic Union-priority for Russia
  • Integration within the Eurasian Economic Community “remains for Russia one of the most important priorities”

  • US central bank chief calls for cuts in Social Security
  • The multi-millionaire central banker insisted that it was better public policy to cut benefit levels and increase the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare—an action that would hurt millions of working people—rather than reverse tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor a thin layer of the super-rich

  • Secretary of Navy, England said coming years will see increased Naval presence in the Asia-Pacific region but couldn’t answer more specifically what changes lay in store for Pacific sailors as part of the military’s transformation and realignment plans
  • Secretary of Navy visits Yokosuka

  • USA in debts. Dollar can collapse any minute
  • The massive digital clock was set in 1989 on the intersection of 6th Avenue and 42nd Street. The clock"s author - New York developer Seymour Derst - spends $2,000 a month to attract the attention of Americans to the state debt issue-US political tradition is: when Democrats rule, budget deficit reduces, when Republicans are in power, the deficit increases

  • Bush bio on Web inflates Guard service
  • Dan Bartlett, the White House communications director, asked yesterday about that language, said: "It does not reflect the facts of his service. It will be corrected."

  • Does Schwarzenegger have eyes on White House?
  • "Look at the kind of contribution that people like Henry Kissinger have made, Madeleine Albright," he said, referring to two former secretaries of state who were born in Europe"

  • On the very day of the tragic space shuttle crash, the government appointed an independent investigative panel, and rightly so. Why didn't it do the same on Sept. 12, 2001?

    George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family
  • Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

  • 911 Review
  • 911 Review

  • Bush Backs New Terrorism TV Series
  • In what would be a highly unusual action for a president, George W. Bush is apparently giving the White House seal of approval to a television series, D.H.S.--The Series, a drama about the Department of Home Security being introduced Thursday night to prospective networks at an Industry gathering

  • Freedom v. The Pentagon in the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Given the overwhelming power that Americans have vested in the military-industrial complex, and given the supine and cowardly manner in which the U.S. Congress rubber-stamps actions of the Pentagon, there will be nothing the American people will be able to do to stop this deadly and destructive military process. That’s why, if the American people value their freedom, they had better hope that the Supreme Court rules in favor of freedom and against the Pentagon

  • Friday, February 27, 2004

    North Dakota Air Guard shot down Flight 93 

    North Dakota Air Guard shot down Flight 93
  • Col. Donn de Grand-Pre on Alex Jones

  • Bush Senior Met With Bin Laden's Brother on 9/11
  • George W. Bush's father was meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother, Shafig bin Laden, in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, on the morning of 9/11

  • 'My unit conspired in the murder of civilians in Ireland'
  • THERE is no hesitation in his voice. "Oh, yeah," the former military intelligence officer says. "There's no doubt about this. My unit was guilty of conspiring in the murder of civilians in Northern Ireland, on about 14 occasions."

  • Our purpose is to conduct an Internet-enabled voter registration drive that will secure one million new Democratic voters in battleground states
  • ReDefeatBush

  • Stand Down · Was 9/11 Lack of Air Defense Deliberate?
  • With a minute-by-minute chronology from 7:59 a.m. until 10:06:05 a.m., this article will dismantle the press release of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) issued on Wednesday, September 18, 2001. This press release encompasses the (supposed) response times of the United States Air Force on Tuesday, September 11, 2001

  • Hollywood Bosses Vow to Destroy Gibson
  • "I WON'T hire him. I won't support anything he's part of." So says a chairman of major Hollywood studio quoted today by The New York Times in its latest attack on Mel Gibson and "The Passion of the Christ."

  • Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything
  • The Doors Of Perception

  • How much does America pay for supporting the Israelis?
  • The overall cost to the US of all aspects of conflicts in the Middle East is even higher ­ more than $2.6 trillion

  • Senate plans secret session on Iraq
  • The last time the Senate met in a closed-door session--excluding press and visitors


  • All told, it was a fabulous year to be very rich. The magazine counted 587 billionaires around the world, up from 476 in 2003. Their total net worth jumped to $1.9 trillion from $1.4 trillion in 2003
  • Billionaires bounce back

  • U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose by 6,000 to 350,000 Last Week
  • The number of Americans filing initial claims for unemployment benefits last week rose to 350,000, matching the average so far this year, a government report showed

  • Angry Arabs and American Media
  • Baghdad Burning

  • Bush tax cuts add to worst economy since the Great Depression
  • February 24, 2004—In 2001, we were told that the Bush tax cuts would create 2 million new jobs. In 2002, the administration projected 2.5 million new jobs and in February 2003, we were told that the Bush tax cuts would create 3.6 million jobs

  • Recruiting the armies of ignorance
  • As a scientist, the balance of forces between me and book-burning, fanatical ignorance is looking pretty bad. To be a scientist is to, above all, demand reproducible behaviors and to apply the scientific method to those behaviors

  • Why The Oil Markets May See Price Dips Before The Collapse and Why This Will Make the Outcomes Worse

  • Palast called it
  • Greg Palast reported here on GNN that then-wannabe governator Arnold Schwarzenegger had been secretly meeting with energy execs back in 2001 to discuss the $9 billion refund California was demanding from the companies for price gauging the state's electricity

  • "I believe that this is a group that is armed by, trained by, and employed by the intelligence services of the United States," Kurzban told the national radio and TV program Democracy Now!. "This is clearly a military operation, and it's a military coup."
  • Haiti Under Siege

  • Mexico Encourages Illegal Immigration
  • Mexico is simply not taking responsibility for its primary role in the U.S. illegal immigrant problem. It's high time the United States forced Mexico to do so

  • White House's limits upset 9/11 panel Length of interviews, access restricted
  • President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have placed strict limits on the private interviews they will grant to the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001

  • Thursday, February 26, 2004

    BILL HICKS Rest in Peace! 

    Bill Hicks- If you're not familiar with bill, please check out these links.
  • Bill Hicks

  • SacredCow/Hicks

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    Wednesday, February 25, 2004

    Big Oil Companies Granted $66 Million & Greenspan urges Social Security cuts 

    Exclusive: Big Oil Companies Granted $66 Million by Homeland Security
  • As New York City scrambles to cover security costs to protect against another terror attack, Eyewitness News has found millions in taxpayer dollars going to protect some of the nation's wealthiest companies

  • ALAN GREENSPAN policies are an Economic Train Wreck and he is assaulting the working class!
    Greenspan urges future Social Security cuts
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan urged Congress on Wednesday to deal with the country’s escalating budget deficit by cutting benefits for future Social Security retirees

  • Greenspan's Testimony Before House Budget Committee
  • TEXT

  • Report: Slavery Alive and Well in Florida, along with New York and Texas
  • Modern-day slavery is alive and well in Florida, the head of a human rights center said Tuesday as it released a report on people forced to work as prostitutes, farmworkers and maids across the state-Human traffickers bring thousands of people into the United States each year and Florida is believed to be one of the top three destinations, along with New York and Texas

  • CIA chief predicts war with no end
  • America's assault on al-Qa'eda has scattered its terrorist expertise across the globe, meaning that the United States will be menaced by Islamic extremism "for the foreseeable future", the CIA director, George Tenet, said yesterday

  • From the basement of the White House!Al Qaeda to Bush: Prepare for More Attacks on U.S.
  • A top al Qaeda leader warned President Bush in an audiotape broadcast Tuesday to prepare for more attacks on the United States

  • ATSNN - Special Report: Area 51 Uncovered - New images available
  • New stunning Area 51 images have been released by Eyewitness News in association with a private satellite company. The photo's were taken by the commercial satellite Ikonos

  • PNAC Memo: Regime Change for Iran
  • Iran's leaders have begun to make gestures of cooperation with the United States - which is not at all surprising given the presence of American forces in the surrounding countries of Iraq and Afghanistan and the rapidly declining legitimacy of the regime with the Iranian people

  • "Trash Island" discovered in the Pacific Ocean
  • An entire "island" composed of trash has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean. It is as large as the Central Europe

  • The Anthrax Mystery Is it about to be unveiled?
  • Anthrax

  • Astronomers have revealed how they came within minutes of alerting the world to a potential asteroid strike last month
  • Earth almost put on impact alert

  • Lockerbie: CIA witness gagged by US government
  • A FORMER CIA agent who claims Libya is not responsible for the Lockerbie bombing is being gagged by the US government under state secrecy laws and faces 10 years in prison if herevealsanyinformation about the terrorist attack

  • Power struggle over oil
  • Oil refineries in western Europe have suffered a severe shortage of oil because Russian exports through the Bosphorus Strait have been drastically reduced in recent days

  • Capitalism can't solve the unemployment crisis
  • Workers beware of good tidings

  • North Korea
  • North Korea

  • Joyce has proved that she has amazing contacts inside the military. Two weeks before the capture of Saddam, her sources told her that they were about to roll out their ace in the hole, now Joyce is getting intel that they will soon trot out bin laden. It could be a look alike, another wax figuring like Saddam's sons...

  • Half of young Americans to get sex diseases
  • Half of all young Americans will get a sexually transmitted disease by the age of 25, perhaps because they are ignorant about protection or embarrassed to ask for it, according to several reports

  • Bush Plays Bait-and-Switch With 9/11 Panel
  • Let us finally put to rest a widely circulated and grossly inaccurate story that's been making the rounds: Rumors of President George W. Bush's cooperation with the panel probing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are unsubstantiated

  • City of Austin Cancels Texas Independence Day Parade, But Sponsors Cinco de Mayo and Everything Else As Long As it's not Texan
  • The annual Texas Independence Day parade in the state capital has been canceled following the City Council's decision against sponsoring the event.

  • Tuesday, February 24, 2004

    Putin dismissed government 

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed his government in a live television broadcast
  • Putin dismisses entire government

  • Putin Fires Russian Prime Minister

  • Analysts trying to explain Russian govt dismissal

  • Putin Urges Stronger Russian Military
  • "We are strengthening and modernizing the armed forces, including the strategic forces, in order to reliably defend the nation,"

  • U.S. Still Mining Terror Data
  • The government is still financing research to create powerful tools that could mine millions of public and private records for information about terrorists despite an uproar last year over fears it might ensnare innocent Americans

  • Is U.S. Funding Haitian 'Contras'
  • Rebels Set Sights on Haitian Capital

  • Governor Dean's Statement on Ralph Nader's Decision
  • "When I announced last week that I am no longer actively pursuing the presidency, I urged my supporters not to be tempted by any independent or third party candidate. I said I would support the nominee of the Democratic Party, because the bottom line is that we must defeat George W. Bush in November, whatever it takes

  • NOC is a designation within the Central Intelligence Agency which means "non-official cover." It denotes an agent working under such deep cover that said agent cannot be officially associated with the American intelligence community in any way, shape or form. In order to keep covered, a NOC will work for the CIA out of a front company, which provides the illusion that the agent is just an ordinary accountant, lawyer or businessperson
  • A NOC at Bush's Door

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Sunday's "Meet the Press" that anyone who has been a U.S. citizen for at least 20 years -- as he has -- should "absolutely" be able to seek the presidency. A constitutional amendment proposed by Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, would make that possible
  • Republicans Push for Foreign Born Presidents

  • Bush to Back Gay Marriage Ban Amendment
  • President Bush backed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage Tuesday, saying he wants to stop activist judges from changing the definition of the "most enduring human institution."

  • Congress Is Urged to Begin Process to Amend Constitution
  • President Bush said today he supported a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

  • Russia Tests New Wonder Weapon
  • Russia has successfully tested a hypersonic anti-Star Wars weapon capable of penetrating any prospective missile shield, a senior general said Thursday

  • The Dancing Bear
  • Once upon a time there was a popular kind of street show: a bear would dance for the amusement of passers by

  • Both John Kerry and George Bush were members of Yale's secretive Skull and Bones society. Matthew Wells scours the university for future presidents
  • Skeleton key to the White House

  • Sharon to determine limits on “nuclear spy”
  • Prime Minister holding a special meeting to decide how to muzzle Vanunu. AG Mazuz checking legality of such measures

  • Reality bites -- new job market isn't pretty
  • This year, the nation will create jobs like they were going out of style. At least, that's the word from the federal government

  • "The Titanic sails at dawn."
  • Titanic America

  • The death toll from a devastating earthquake in northern Morocco has reached at least 300 and is expected to rise, Moroccan officials say
  • Morocco quake toll reaches 300

  • US troops drill near inter-Korean border
  • Thousands of US soldiers were taking part in a major exercise near the inter-Korean border to test combat radiness

  • A beloved charter school in Harlem faces closure because of poor test scores. But parents, with few options, are fighting to keep its doors open
  • Good schools, bad scores?

  • It was all over in 54 seconds. One moment the four friends were strolling home after a night out, the next they were nursing injuries inflicted by a knife-wielding assailant
  • Big Brother in Britain: Does more surveillance work?

  • CIA given data long before Sept. 11
  • German tipped U.S. on future hijacker

  • New 'Al Qaeda' tape airs
  • Voice criticizes France over head scarves

  • Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams says he's working to cut the price tag of a proposed stadium from $436 million to under $400 million - not to save the district money, mind you, but to save money for the team's still-to-be-decided owners
  • Expos follies

  • Behind the disappearance of presidential candidate Ivan Rybkin
  • Was Rybkin kidnapped by the FSB?

  • Israel boycotts International Court on West Bank barrier: Why the wall is being built
  • The Israeli government is refusing to accept the right of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague to render an “advisory opinion” on the legality of its West Bank security barrier

  • Millions of Indian government employees to go on strike today
  • More than 10 million employees of the central and state governments, various publicly-owned companies, and India’s financial institutions are expected to join a one-day national strike today, February 24, to protest against a Supreme Court ruling that public sector workers have no right to strike

  • Analysis: Privatization of China's Banks
  • With less than three years to go before foreign banks have full rights to operate in China under World Trade Organization rules, the Chinese government is introducing wide-ranging reforms to give domestic banks a fighting chance

  • A top leader of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terror network has warned the United States to prepare for more terrorist attacks. Kerry Sheridan reports from V-O-A's Middle East Bureau in Cairo

  • The Patriot Act Is Your Friend
  • Viet Dinh has been called a "political pit bull" and "a foot soldier" for Attorney General John Ashcroft. But the 36-year-old author of the Patriot Act prefers to be called an "attendant of freedom."

  • Pakistan denies al-Qaeda chief trapped
  • PAKISTAN has denied any knowledge of al-Qaeda terror network leader Osama bin Laden being cornered by US and British special forces in a mountainous area in the northwest of the country

  • Feds Warn of Bird Flu in Texas
  • A strain of avian flu found on a chicken farm is considered far deadlier to poultry than originally thought and has spread to live bird markets in Houston

  • Broward may lose $500,000 in U.S. aid for refusing porn filters on computers
  • For the past eight months, Broward County's library system has been turning away federal aid for Internet access rather than install pornography filters on computers that hundreds of patrons use daily for research, games and e-mail

  • The shocking story of a man held in slavery in the Croatian town of Osijek illustrates just how dysfunctional the country's justice system is
  • Enslaved in Croatia

  • I work at a theater in the Cinemark Movie Theater chain based out of Plano, Texas. I believe it is the third largest theater chain nationwide and the largest privately owned, although they are trying to go public
  • "Cashless Society: Cinemark Theater Workers to Be Paid with a "Cash Card"

  • Instability Fears Keep U.S. in Kosovo
  • With periodic ethnic violence still breaking out between ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs nearly five years after the end of the Kosovo war

  • The majority of the young people wants a union army, which acts independently of the USA and consists of career soldiers
  • Youth for European army

  • "This is not a criminal action," the secretary of defense told Bush over a secure line. "This is war."
  • 'This is war,' Rumsfeld told Bush

  • Education secretary jokes that NEA is 'terrorist' group
  • Education Secretary Rod Paige called the nation's largest teachers union a "terrorist organization" Monday, taking on the 2.7-million-member National Education Association early in the presidential election year

  • Osama look-alikes fill lawless region of Pakistan
  • Ask any farmer in Pakistan's Khyber tribal region, "Have you seen Osama bin Laden?" and you're likely to find a similar-looking, tall, bearded man at the restaurants of the area's main bazaar

  • The right dose via microchip
  • long-term testing in animals of a chip that delivers measured doses of drugs

  • Some critics insist that the prospect of cheap labor is one of the driving forces behind the president´s immigration-reform policy
  • Do Borders Matter To President Bush?

  • Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields
  • When visitors tour the headquarters of Saudi Arabia's oil empire — a sleek glass building rising from the desert in Dhahran near the Persian Gulf — they are reminded of its mission in a film projected on a giant screen. "We supply what the world demands every day,"

  • KABA Writer Investigated for Questioning Civil Authority
  • Did you know that writing a rhetorical letter to the civil authorities in California challenging their hypocrisy results in a police investigation that includes not only calls from detectives but two black and white police cruisers coming to your home?

  • Monday, February 23, 2004


    Secret Report Warns of Rioting and Nuclear War; Threat to the World is Greater than Terrorism
  • Now the Pentagon Tells Bush:
    Climate Change Will Destroy Us

  • Under the Deal, Citigroup will acquire a 36.6 percent stake in Koram (Seoul bank) held by a consortium led by CARLYLE GROUP
  • SEOUL Citigroup, the world's largest financial services company, said on Monday that it had agreed to buy Koram Bank

  • Citigroup to Acquire KorAm Bank for KRW 3.18 Trillion ($2.73 Billion)
  • SEOUL Citigroup, the world's largest financial services company, said on Monday that it had agreed to buy Koram Bank

  • In the penultimate episode of a six-part series entitled Age of Empire, the BBC's Jonathan Marcus examines how US culture is as crucial a weapon in the American arsenal as its military hardware
  • "Soft power is the ability to get what we want by attracting others, by getting them to want the things we want"

  • More Marines head to Haiti as rebels eye capital
    Secret Report Warns of Rioting and Nuclear War; Threat to the World is Greater than Terrorism
  • Fifty U.S. Marines are being deployed to Haiti on Monday, NBC News has learned, as rebels said they will soon attack the capital

  • To Greet G.O.P., Protests of Varying Volume

  • Our neighbors to the north live longer and pay less for care. The reasons why are being debated, but some cite the gap between rich and poor in the US
  • Want a health tip? Move to Canada

  • Officials: U.S. still paying millions to group that provided false Iraqi intelligence
  • The Pentagon has set aside between $3 million and $4 million this year for the Information Collection Program of the Iraqi National Congress

  • RUMSFELD'S WAR, the new book by WASHINGTON TIMES Pentagon reporter Rowan Scarborough, includes a secret Defense Intelligence Agency report that shows Israel owns 82 nuclear weapons

  • The US Army is building a second version of Earth on computer to help it prepare for conflicts around the world
  • US military creates second Earth

  • All Israeli settlers in the currently occupied territories will return to Israel
  • Gush Shalom's Political positions

  • US Preparing for Military Draft in Spring 2005
  • The current agenda of the US federal government is to reinstate the draft in order to staff up for a protracted war on "terrorism."

  • In Politics, the Web Is a Parallel World With Its Own Rules

  • Asian banks dump dollar
  • Asian central banks are quietly moving away from holding the US dollar

  • Billions Missing From U.S. Indian Trust Fund
  • The U.S. has lost not millions, but billions of dollars belonging to native Americans

  • The case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the barrier Israel is constructing in the West Bank opened with mutual accusations between Israelis and Palestinians and a sense among many countries linked to the peace process that a ruling from the court would not help their task
  • Israel's barrier and the world court

  • Survey: Anger Against Bush Growing Louder
  • "There are people who just really, really hate this person."

  • Ralph Nader to run as independent in US presidential race
  • Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who ran for president in 2000 as the candidate of the Green Party, declared Sunday that he would join the 2004 presidential campaign as an independent candidate

  • The principle of "one country, two systems" should be understood in a correct and all around way
  • "One country" is premise and basis of "two systems"

  • Spoiler or Exposer of a Spoiled System: Nader Announces Presidential Bid
  • Longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader announced Sunday he is running for president as an independent

  • An armed group has attacked a police station on the outskirts of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, according to local media reports
  • Haiti rebels aim for the capital

  • Haitian masses resist right-wing takeover
  • Words like "thugs" are beginning to appear in the establishment media here to describe those trying to take over in Haiti

  • Rigged American Democracy and its Two-Headed Beast
  • True democracy in the United States is today but an empty, lifeless crater scarring our land

  • Some projects from retired Adm. John Poindexter's Total Information Awareness effort were transferred to U.S. intelligence offices, congressional, federal and research officials told The Associated Press
  • U.S. Pressing for High-Tech Spy Tools

  • Transcript for Feb. 22th
  • Guests: Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor and Ralph Nader

  • Does Ahnold want to be Amerika's Hitler?
  • "At that point, I didn't think about money. I thought about the fame, about just being the greatest. I was dreaming about being some dictator of a country."

  • Sunday, February 22, 2004

    European Union Grows 

    BBC News Online outlines the issues surrounding the expansion of the European Union and suggestions of mass migration from new member states
  • A bigger EU and migration

  • "the Union must have the capacity for autonomous action, backed by credible military forces, the means to decide to use them, and the readiness to do so, in order to respond to international crises without prejudice to actions by NATO"

  • 2003-The Proposed EU Military Headquarters Viewed
  • EU military planning headquarters, in the Brussels suburb of Tervuren, Belgium

  • CFR - What’s the debate over outsourcing?
  • Outsourcing Jobs

  • NADER 2004 - But please keep an open mind and have the courtesy to recognize that others would like to have the opportunity for more choices and voices in the electoral process to move this country forward. And that is exactly what this campaign will be all about
  • Vote Nader 2004

    Secret Report Warns of Rioting and Nuclear War; Threat to the World is Greater than Terrorism
  • Now the Pentagon Tells Bush:
    Climate Change Will Destroy Us

  • Open the Debates
  • Open Debates charged, with documentation, that the CPD is not non-partisan but is deeply bi-partisan, serving and obeying the dictates of the two major Parties

  • "Washington is corporate-occupied territory, and the two parties are ferociously competing to see who is going to go to the White House and take orders from their corporate paymasters," Nader said on NBC's "Meet the Press."
  • "It is an offense to deny millions of people who might want to vote for our candidacy an opportunity to vote," he said, adding the "corporate government" practiced by both parties had led to rollbacks in labor, environmental, health care and economic standards.

  • Day by day, the nation's capital is becoming a fortress, turning a city known for graceful beauty into a virtual armed camp
  • An antiaircraft missile, ready for use, sits atop a federal office building near the White House

  • Mystery Continues: Scientists Baffled by Spheres on Mars
  • Scientists Baffled

  • From Coffee to Jets, Perks for Executives Come Out in Court
  • Recent criminal and civil court cases involving top executives have brought to the fore an open secret in corporate America: for executives with multimillion-dollar salaries, no company-paid perk is too small — or too big — to accept

  • The US sends billions of dollars every year to Israel. In return, Israel advances US strategic interests in the Middle East. But despite this mutual back scratching, Israeli-American relations are enduring a rough patch
  • Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?

  • Media Carta: We, the undersigned, are troubled by the way information flows and the way meaning is produced in our society
  • Media Carta

  • 2000: GOP Group To Air Pro-Nader TV Ads
  • Hoping to boost Ralph Nader in states where he is threatening to hurt Al Gore, a Republican group is launching TV ads featuring Nader attacking the vice president

  • Military members and their families are asking the same question: Where is the Army’s so-called suicide report?
  • Is the Army deliberately sitting on the report?

  • Talking Back

  • Imagine divisions of grunts able to go without food and sleep for days on end while performing at peak level. That's the perverse dream of the Defense Sciences Office's new Metabolic Dominance Program
  • DARPA creating a race of robo-grunts

  • The Defense Sciences Office is interested in proposals to develop innovative science and technology capable of affording superior physiological qualities to the warfighter

  • Marines caught in sex scandal
  • Incident in Kuwait has put careers on the line; lieutenant faces prison

  • The matricula consular is useful in the United States only for illegal aliens, because legal immigrants by definition have legal U.S. government-issued documents
  • Matricula Consular ID card

  • Moscow-Tehran atomic energy cooperation positive: Asefi
  • "What we are offering to Western countries, even Americans, shows that Iran is absolutely transparent and has no military goals,"

  • Nations of eternal war [expend] all their energies. . . in the destruction of the labor, property,
    and lives of their people.

    – Thomas Jefferson

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