Saturday, December 13, 2003

Who's behind Worldwide Outbreak
  • Scientists Predict Worldwide Flu Outbreak

  • Is it the FLU or is it SARS?
  • SARS is expected to return with the flu season

  • Influenza strains sprayed over the Tampa Bay
  • John Stadmiller of the Genesis Radio Network reported on the Saturday, Dec. 6 edition of "Real Talk Radio" that influenza strains have been found in chemtrails sprayed over the Tampa Bay area

  • OIL
  • Bush Plans Drilling in Untapped Alaska Oil Reserve

  • North Korea Nuclear showdown based on dubious evidence
  • N. Korea's Nuclear Success Is Doubted

  • Books critical of the US are selling rapidly in Germany
  • Anti-US books find an eager audience among German youth

  • Television networks in Italy are facing a nationwide weekend walkout - not by staff, but by unhappy viewers

  • Local content key for digitally divided

  • European Union
  • European Union leaders have failed to reach agreement on a constitution at a crucial summit in Brussels

  • Bush official blew the cover
  • Intelligence Identities Protection Act, punishable by up to 10 years in prison

  • 2004 Election
  • Is America in for a bloody 2004?

  • Electronic Voting Paper Trail
  • Bill would require paper receipts for electronic voting terminals

  • BUSH warned Halliburton must repay
  • Bush weighs in on Halliburton 'overcharging'

  • A call to unity - 911 for the truth
  • 911forthe truth

  • 911 a controlled demolition?
  • 911review

  • Dollar Keeps Falling
  • Dollar Falls for Fifth Week Versus Euro on Interest Rate View


  • World Labor Struggle
  • Workers Struggles: Europe & Africa

  • Talks break down in Southern California supermarket strike

  • Economy: Still digging in Mom and Dad's Pockets?
  • 40 years old and still tied to Mom and Dad's purse strings

  • Friday, December 12, 2003

  • "You should be aware that the vaccine you are about to receive contains thimerosal — a mercury-laden preservative"

  • Kucinich & Braun Blast ABC For Reducing Campaign Coverage

  • John Stadmiller of the Genesis Radio Network reported on the Saturday, Dec. 6 edition of "Real Talk Radio" that influenza strains have been found in chemtrails sprayed over the Tampa Bay area

  • The White House yesterday said a new immigration review is under way that could lead to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens living and working in the United States

  • How the Internet could become a tool of corporate and government power

  • Marvin Bush A FeW Blocks From WTC on 911?

  • The DRAFT is coming!

  • EU aims to secure better world

  • UN 'may pull out of Afghanistan'

  • There are a bunch of right-wingers out there thumping their chests about how we're right to stick it to the Europeans and make them pay a price for not supporting us

  • Shell company is focus of Kern probe

  • U.S. official briefed Russian diplomats Wednesday on Washington's plans to move troops closer to Russia's borders

  • Train kills Chinese protesters

  • It is better to have no deal on a new EU constitution than to have a bad one, Italy's prime minister has said

  • Spain Constitution Turns 25 But Under Threat

  • Delivered Into Hell by US War on Terror

  • Businessmen use Bush link to win deals

  • The dollar fell to $1.23 per euro for the first time in New York after consumer confidence unexpectedly declined, a sign U.S. economic growth may slow

  • The CIA's New Assassination Program

  • Congress pushes for larger military

  • Seizing the means of communication-WORLD SUMMIT ON THE INFORMATION SOCIETY

  • Thursday, December 11, 2003

    Warning: Reading some of these articles will cause you ulcers 

  • Loud explosions boomed through central Baghdad early Friday, and sirens wailed in the compound housing the headquarters of the U.S.-led coalition
  • Angry West Texans and some state officials are demanding a halt to a deal that allows a group of politically well-connected Midland oilmen to tap the desert and sell billions of gallons of water from the state's public reserves

  • Sharon & Hitler KISS

  • Indymedia Israel investigated again, site shut down

  • Will He Run? Nader Discusses Plans for 2004, thi3rdeye hopes he will!

  • A message from Ralph Nader: 2004 Election

  • Mental Health Experts Call Sniper Defendant Brainwashed

  • The Manchurian Candidate?

  • The Los Alamos National Laboratory is searching for 10 missing computer disks containing classified information about other country's nuclear programmes

  • A monastery official and a human rights advocacy group sued a southern Arizona ranch family Wednesday, accusing them of impersonating federal agents and violating the rights of undocumented immigrants

  • Ridge's Immigration Remarks Draw Fire

  • Al-Qaida plans 'great event' in new year

  • Irish report found "grounds for suspecting" that British security forces helped loyalist paramilitaries to bomb the Irish Republic

  • a DVD singing the praises of the so-called resistance is selling like the hot bread of Bab al-Agha

  • Baker Takes the Loaf-Palast

  • Antiwar Nations Barred From Bids
    &OPEC´s Silva: OPEC Evaluating Trading in Euros

  • GOP Does Not Extend Jobless Benefits

  • Syria's fear-instructed his army to get ready for an Israeli military attack

  • Attackers strike US base in Iraq

  • the world's population will swell to 9 billion people by 2300, according to new projections by the United Nations

  • Diebold e-mail discusses price gouging Maryland

  • Unprecedented Number of Influenza Complications and Deaths in Children

  • RIAA Hires Head of ATF for Piracy Enforcement

  • American Apocalypse

  • Wednesday, December 10, 2003

    good afternoon slaves, here are today's thi3rdeye updates 

  • The privatisation of war - $30bn goes to private military

  • Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate in New Hampshire on Iraq, Domestic Policy Issues and Gore’s Endorsement of Dean

  • DICK CHENEY KILLED 70 ringneck pheasants in a canned hunting incedent

  • US, Israel prepare mass killings in Iraq

  • US troops killed, war crimes body formed

  • Report: Poor People Pretty Much Fucked-the Onion

  • U.S. Starts Fingerprinting Russians

  • Disgusting-Fighting over the spoils of war, War critics lose out on $18.6bn Iraq bonanza

  • For a Cooperative World Order"

  • China, U.S. to Share Banking Information

  • `Soft Money' Ban, Finance Limits Upheld by High Court

  • Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin hit the headlines when it was discovered that he had been visiting fundamentalist Christian churches across the country delivering speeches sprinkled with anti-Muslim bigotry

  • Iraqis want Americans to go'

  • Tracking the influence of private money in President Bush's re-election campaign

  • Support the Sarayacu Kichwa community of Ecuadorian Amazonia defend against illegal oil extraction

  • Paris Hilton, America's True Sweetheart

  • Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs Accused of Using Honduras Sweatshops for Sean John Line

  • Tuesday, December 09, 2003

    thi3rdeye updates 

  • Turkeys on the Moon By Michael Moore

  • Will the counter-insurgency plan in Iraq repeat the mistakes of Vietnam?-by SEYMOUR M. HERSH

  • If SARS Hits U.S., Quarantine Could Too

    Did Al Qaeda shoot recently released footage of 9/11 WTC attack – or was it someone else?

  • Missiles Outfitted With "Dirty Bomb" Warheads Apparently Missing, Expert Says

  • The United States has started political consultations about the redeployment of its troops and bases around the world

  • Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq

  • In-House Memos on Television And Print Media News Presentations

  • Bush warns Chinese Premier over political freedoms

  • How a Shady Iranian Deal Maker Kept the Pentagon's Ear

  • Monday, December 08, 2003

    today's thi3rdeye 

  • NASA budget sliced by $300 million

  • Bush to announce new space mission (Who will pay for it? The Pentagon?)

  • Paul Krugman Doesn't Know The Half of It

  • ("Hack the Vote-PaulKrugman-Op-Ed

  • Hypocrititical U.S. Expresses Concern on Russian Vote

  • United Russia Grabs a Gigantic Lead

  • Europe and US clash on satellite system

  • UN votes 90-8 to ask Hague to rule on fence

  • Palestine: The people and the land

  • When rabbis liked Hitler: A tale for the Mideast

  • Melting ice 'will swamp capitals


  • Diebold Faces Congressional Investigation-Punkvoter

  • Glaxo chief: Our drugs do not work on most patients


  • News Blackout

  • RELATED: FCC seeks to overturn cable broadband ruling

  • U.N. control of Web rejected

  • RELATED: Who pays to bridge the digital divide?

  • Top Secret Advisor To 4 Presidents Dies 'Violently' In DC

  • Gus W. Weiss, 72, former White House policy adviser on technology, intelligence and economic affairs, died Nov. 25

  • Dollar Drops to Record Against Euro, 11-Year Low Versus Pound

  • Dollar Drops to Record Against Euro, 11-Year Low Versus Pound

  • Saving President Bush: Send in James Baker

  • RELATED: U.S. eyeing bigger foothold in the Caucasus

  • Central Air promises to heat up Hub talk

  • RELATED: NRA may buy TV station

  • Sunday, December 07, 2003


  • American soldiers have begun wrapping entire villages in barbed wire

  • The Iraq War Began, And Ended, On Occult Holidays

  • Islamic Jihad vows new attacks

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